Gypsy Dreams : Blog Party Post

This is my very first blog party ever, I’m so excited I can’t sit still!

I made this collage. I picked these pictures because they mean something to me.  The top center picture is my favorite. It is the tarot card strength.  The woman holding the lion’s mouth open is very strong, making the lion appear weak.  See how she does this deed with so little effort?

To be a gypsy is to travel around, usually in groups, not being in one place for any long amount of time. I think it would be really fun to live like that, but no, I can’t live like that.  Mom won’t let me!

Gypsy’s can also be related to as fortunetellers, or as psychics.  Sometimes I play with my tarot deck or crystal kids cards but I’m not psychic like a small medium at large.  LOL

That would be so cool.

I hope that you like my gypsy dream.  Have a great day!!!


10 thoughts on “Gypsy Dreams : Blog Party Post

  1. I LOVE your collage!! It is beautiful!! I hope you having fun at your very first blog party! The Practical Magic Blog Party that is coming up next is a lot of fun too….you should check it out…..if you go to my blog I have the button on my sidebar under my party button. Thank you so much for participating!


  2. I love your collage, your pictures blend lovely. I hope you’ve enjoyed your first blog party, look out for others that are happening including the Practical magic one, they are great fun and you get introduced to other blogs.

    I’m sure that in the future you’ll get to go traveling if that’s what you dream of doing but as someone who’s done my fair share of traveling the world, there does come a time when having a base and a home is magical too. No matter where you travel home will be where your mom is and no matter how old you get mom’s still like to have the last word, you’ll always be her child no matter what your age, as my mum frequently let me know even though I was in my forties LOL


  3. Lovely collage :) Keep Dreaming! join the practical magic party on 9/24… but I totally recommend seeing the movie first if you haven’t already it is getting old now, but still wonderful. You can get it through Netflix and other places…hint- I am going to be giving away a BN DVD of the movie and some other stuff :)

    if by now you haven’t found out about the party or where to sign up, the button is high up on my sidebar! You sound young, I’d love to know how old you are. Your blog is quite nice :)
    be well and be blessed,
    Susan (a mom) LOL


  4. Very nice job! I like the picture with the scorpion / hand. I too, would like to know how old you are. You have quite the gypsy soul. Your blog is beautiful. Hope to see you at the Practical Magic party!

    Wishing you many magical gypsy dreams!


    1. I am 11 years old. And I think for the practical magic blog party I will show the midnight margaritas scene.


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