Story writing – setting the scene

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Setting.The total environment for the action of a fictional work. Setting includes time period (such as the 1890’s), the place (such as downtown Warsaw), the historical milieu (such as during the Crimean War), as well as the social, political, and perhaps even spiritual realities. The setting is usually established primarily through description, though narration is used also. Some novels include frames that supply an extended description of the setting (where a character is looking back to an earlier era, an “editor” is describing the characters or the context of the tale).

My mom is making me write a Halloween story for school.  I like writing poems but I’m not sure about this.  It might be fun.  Here goes…

The story is set in modern times and is about Halloween and how a young witch adjusts to the country.   She used to live in a high rise apartment  in the city with her parents, but now she is moving to  Levenon.  Levenon is a magical place and  everyone in the village is a magical being.    For Example: It is very dry in the area but the Nymphs  there make it rain, And the other Elementals there might protect the city from earthquakes or other natural disasters.


Anything else I need to put in my setting? I don’t think so.

Be back later,


One thought on “Story writing – setting the scene

  1. Levenon sounds like an exciting place for your story to take place. Setting is all about place and time. Setting includes little details that surround the plot. Those little details bring a story to life. When you develop your story include some interesting facts about Levenon’s location. Describe what kind of architecture, flora and fauna exist in Levenon. Include setting details about your protagonist’s travels to Levenon. I am excited to see how you develop the ideas you have hinted at here!


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