Story Writing – The Main Character

Part 2 of me developing my story, the main character.

Character Development Tips Here:

She is a girl and her name is Sunrise. She is from New York and looks the opposite of the city, And when she moves to the country she feels totally alienated by almost all the people there. I mean, She’s a girl from New York City moving into the little house on the prairie + Magic.

She is warm skinned and has strawberry blonde hair with fading pink streaks. She often looks younger than she is.  And that’s why she doesn’t get treated seriously, all the time. In fact that’s one of the things she doesn’t like about the people from where she was living before.

She can get to a point where she is ensnared in her own trap of self-destruction…  Of course her being a witch she uses magic to fix most of the little things. But she has to be very, very, careful.

Ahhhhhh. All Done.

Man, this is more fun than I thought.





2 thoughts on “Story Writing – The Main Character

  1. Glad to know Sunrise does not look like subways and skyscrapers. What exactly does the “opposite of the city” mean? It’s good to include the physical appearance of your main character, and you did a good job with that. In your character development include her opinions of herself, her age, her thoughts and dreams as well as what other people think of her.
    EX: Sue is a very smart girl but she doesn’t think so because she is a perfectionist and all the knowledge she has isn’t enough for her. Ben is a great guy but he doesn’t feel that way about himself. He thinks he is too tall and that his feet are too big. Jill is athletic looking but never exercises- she was just born that way. Paul is really handsome and really smart but no one likes him because he thinks he is better than everybody.
    Work on character development a bit more in your next post.


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