Story Writing – Main Character, Again!

I just thought I might clarify a few points for everyone.  Like In my first paragraph,

She is from New York and looks the opposite of the city”   I mean that instead of sharp features, Italy, Black hair,or something like that She has softer features and blonde hair. So she’s definitely not Italian.

Here’s an example of a typical New Yorker(I think):

Sharp Features, Defined jaw line, Ya know, New York.

Mom wants me to “include her opinions of herself, her age, her thoughts, her dreams, as well as what other people think of her.”

So here’s a basic summary.

She thinks of herself to be smart.  But sometimes she does things without thinking. As she is only 16 years old. Although I can’t include many thoughts of hers because I don’t want to give away any spoilers, I can include this because it’s not too spoilerey :  “I don’t know who I am anymore. I don’t understand. All these people, They must be stalking me.”

And she dreams to be the  top dog in the fashion industry, A designer by trade. Where she came from though people barely took notice of her, it was as if she were part of the background.  Here in Levenon though everyone likes her. And it’s kind of creeping her out…

Coming soon to your home library around you



Love ya!



One thought on “Story Writing – Main Character, Again!

  1. This answered the questions I had and presents a clear picture of your protagonist. Between your two “character” posts and your “setting” post you have developed enough background information to write your “plot” post!


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