Linked In: Winter edition!

Here are a few links for the yuletide season.


If you just don’t know what to get the child or teenager on your list than here is an accurate list of gift ideas for that  lucky newborn to 18 year old.  Very good list, it even organizes the gift ideas by price!


It’s not exactly a winter link but a perfect list of books to read next, or if your a gift giver, a good list of books to give as a gift to the reader in your life.


Not really a list of winter activities but more like indoor ideas to keep you (mostly) off the couch. ;)


This one is good because little kids and toddlers can play these games and  make these crafts without destroying everything in sight and wrecking your project. Believe me, I know how annoying that can be. :)


Recipes for when it’s too cold to go play in the snow, or for when you’re warming up from a snowball fight.


Last but not least holiday music to listen to while your wrapping gifts.

If you Homeschool, these are good ideas to keep you busy during “recess” or winter break.

See ya!

Your friend, Mousepaw

May your days be happy,

your heart be light,

your Christmas merry,

and your new year bright.


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