Another Story…

I am writing another story for school. This time it really is a story, not just a poem. It’s told in first person speech. I won’t give you anymore spoilers, so here it is:

Creative Writing 6.0
Journal of Thorn

I still remember the night that it it first happened. My father, my mother and I had sat down to dinner when I heard something. It sounded like a stifled cry of an infant child. My father went to see what was the matter. A neighbor’s house had caught on fire he went over there and wrenched the door open as the flames licked the house only to find that everyone had fled. Or had they?
There was some thing burned into the floor. It was an open eye inside a circle but it had no pupil. I did not know it at the time but that was the Shadowman’s symbol. It was the most terrifying thing I had ever seen. I was 7 years old at the time. That was the first of many attacks on Zeltoria. It has been 10 years and I still remember it like it was yesterday.
* * *
I am now apprentice to Ben Parrow, the town’s iron-smith. I have been his apprentice for 12 months now, and we are good friends. In fact he taught me everything I know.
I have only recently found out more in-depth details about the attack. Ben says that a guy called “Shadowman” arranges attacks for guards to carry out. It is dangerous to even cross the street during the day. There are guards at every corner, if you are caught without an ID but have a permit you will be chained to a tree for 3 days straight. And if you have no permit and no ID you will be sent straight to prison, charged with everything you could think of. Everyday more attacks are carried out. But then this happened:
My father took me aside and said these words.

“I have something to tell you, Thorn. It’s time you knew.” I was very curious of what he had to say. “I am King Edmonton.” The words echoed in my head. “And your mother is Queen Leona. We have been in hiding for the past 14 years.” I am thinking What? This is impossible! But, not wanting to be rude, I said: “Wait. Than who am I?” The thoughts are whirling in my head like wild horses. “You, son, are Prince Thoran.” “We kept this from you to keep you safe.” I was speechless, I did not know how to react. The very man I idolized, pitied, The very guy who I wished I could be for so many years. “This is impossible. You must have made a mistake.” I said bewildered. But the look I saw on my father’s face told me he was true.
“So what about Ben? Is he really Ben Parrow?” I asked. “Well actually, His name is Benjamin Rochester. And he’s your personal body guard.” “So what your telling me is that were all royalty??” He chuckled warmly.  Then he said, “I supposed you could put it that way.”
* * *
I see things differently now. Shadowman must be stopped at all costs. He is destroying us. As it turns out I am not the only one who sees things this way; Benjamin, My father, my mother and the members of the Oak Tree Union all share the same views. Oak tree is a place where people who want to rebel against the Shadowman go to talk freely and think out plans and strategies for defeating him. They have chosen me to go and find him, fight him and end his reign of terror. To name a few recent offenses:
Last week his guards “commandeered” all of our food in the cellar, They “escorted” me to the market when I was going to buy meat and “taxed” me 20 bronze zuts for buying it at the market. These things are the least of their crimes. That’s why I am going to defeat the Shadowman.
I already have a map that Ben made for me. He says he wants to come, he also says its not safe. I’m going to let him come. He might actually be of help.
* * *
We have been traveling for 10 days now and are just nearing the Devil’s Pass. No new sign of trouble. Had to hide from patrolling guards twice today. Paper is expensive nowadays, I was lucky to have come across this bit.
* * *

Traded with Eugene, got 2 Housumps to ride on for 10 silver rines each. Now traveling 3 times what we would on foot. Reached Darkened valley.  Barely navigated through bog. Almost lost a housump. Found a peddler on outskirts of bog. Traded 5 rines for food. Found frozen over spring; camping out.
* * *
Water from spring had odd effect on Ben and I. Made us sleep instantly, could be used as weapon. 2 days away from Shadowman’s castle. Housumps do not like area where we are camping. We will have to tie them up to make sure they don’t run away. Need food.
* * *
After camping out cleaned up campsite, walked about a half mile, found Apzie tree bearing fruit. Ben found frozen deer in snowstorm. Salvaged edible meat. Melted snow in cup over campfire. Had good meal.
Walked and rode all night. Slept during day. Housumps are tired. Have food, water, and am in hiding.
Took 2 patrolling guards by surprise. Stole their armor. Tossed them into river. Now masquerading as guards on the inside of Shadowman castle. Camping near Darkened valley. Observing and waiting for the right moment to strike.
* * *

Today we advanced. First we went inside of the castle and we came to the heart of it to “report” to the Shadowman. Then we tied him up with iron chains. An alarm sounded and we had to defend ourselves from at least 200 pairs of delicate but evasive guards. Ben knocked out Shadowman with a rock lying on the ground while I created a diversion so that we could escape, but all of the guards melted into dust as soon as Shadowman was knocked out. They were created from his mind. As soon as that happened the roof started to cave in and walls started to disappear. The whole castle was a figment of his imagination… But not everything inside of it was. I was standing on a pile of gold coins as big as me! We took the gold and put it into sacks to carry home and took some food from what used to be the kitchen for our journey back home.
All of this was well worthwhile. We are returning home as heroes. Shadowman is defeated and will be imprisoned for life.
* * *
I am home and once again Prince Thoran. We are all happy and well. Ben is now an honorary knight and he has earned a gold medal for his excellent service. This is the last time I will write.


From your friend, Mousepaw
Wow, I’m wordy.

By the way, #1. I wrote this in “WordPad” and #2. The dates that I used in this story are completely coincidental and #3. is awesome.


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