We have 11 chickens, 9 laying hens and 2 roosters.  As a (home) school project we decided to let my hens hatch chicks. But, problems soon followed… they weren’t sitting on the eggs! We still wanted to have chicks so we made an incubator.  It’s kind of like this one here:  Only better.  And we are going to candle the eggs to see if they have baby chickies in them.  Here’s how were gonna do it:  Well, ALL of the eggs did not have ANYTHING in them. It’s not fair! I guess our roosters are too little…  I will post once a week to tell you if we have any fertile eggs (and all my other posts, of course).


We have 4 Rhode Island Red hens and 2 Rhode Island Red roosters :

1 White Serema hen:

1 Easter Egger hen:

2 White Leghorn hens:

And 1 Brown Leghorn hen:


I love my chickens!!



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