To get you up to speed:

As you know, I have 10 chickens, 8 laying hens and 2 roosters.  As a (home) school project we decided to let my hens hatch chicks. They did not want to.  We still wanted to have chicks so we made an incubator.  It’s kind of like this one here:  Only better. And Guess What! We Have fertile eggs!!!!! (Finally!)  I was so happy when we found out. We have been incubating them about 4 days. I have to turn the eggs at 8 am, 4 pm,  and 12 am.  I keep track of how I turn the eggs by:  Lightly drawing an “x” on one side and an “o” on the other side of the eggs.  It’s harder than it sounds. —————————————————————————————————————————————

We have 4 Rhode Island Red hens and 2 Rhode Island Red roosters :

1 White Serema hen:

1 Easter Egger hen:

2 White Leghorn hens:

And 1 Brown Leghorn hen:

And hopefully more!



I love my chickens!!



8 thoughts on “Chicks!

  1. Hello, we are going to chikens in a few weeks, so we would like to know what youre favorite breeds of chickens are. We are not going to get roosters, we are only going to get hens. My favorite kind of chicken is a buff orpington. You must have a big coop for ten chickens. I hope you like youre chicks.


    1. :) Yeah. I do have a giant coop. And they get get to free range in their big yard during the daytime. I live in the country.

      My favorite kinds of chickens are… Buff Orpintons, Rhode Island Reds, White Leghorns, Plymouth Rock, Barred Rock, Delaware, Australorp, Faverolles, Sussex, Wyanedotte, Easter Eggers (I love these kinds of chickens!), Arucana, Ameraucana, Star

      Those kinds lay well.

      You can take this quiz to see what kind of chicken is best for you here:

      By the way… Are you getting Hatching eggs, Chicks, Pullets, Or Laying hens? I recommend you start out with pullets.

      You’re chicken-crazy friend, Mousepaw :D


  2. Hi Mousepaw,

    I’m replying to your inquiry on both the My Pet Chicken blog and your blog. We have some good info on broody hens on the following blog posts:

    As for combs freezing, it is best to use a petroleum based product. Water based lotions will only make the freezing worse. I use vaseline which is easy to find at grocery stores. Avoid Vicks due to its menthol vapors (makes the eyes water).

    If you want to get a hen to quit being broody the best way I’ve found is to temporarily house her in a different coop with a wire mesh floor (hardware cloth, also known as hail screen, works best). You will also want to gather the eggs daily, or twice daily if possible. Eventually between you taking the eggs and the slight discomfort from setting on the wire will typically cause a hen to quit being broody for awhile.

    Good luck!


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