Hunger Games!

I’m so obsessed.

I love the Hunger games.  I went to see the movie, which was awesome (in the literal sense of the word). It was such an amazing movie. Not as good as the book  I will admit…

**Spoilers Ahead!**

I mean, in the entire thing, Haymitch didn’t even say— ” Here’s some advice, STAY ALIVE”.  And Rue (Amandla Stenburg) did not whistle her four note whistle.  She did sing it… but still. Cesar Flickerman was incredibly accurate, they cast him perfect.  The Mockingjay’s in the movie were good.  Lenny Kravits did a very good job playing Cinna as well.

MainstayPro on Youtube does an exellent job as on their fan-made Hunger games videos. Here’s a link to their channel!   Scroll down until you see Katniss and Rue or Finnick and Annie. Watch the videos!

Honestly, I can’t wait for Catching Fire the movie.

Can You?

I Need To Read Hunger Games Again….



I’m exited for the Hunger Games… does that mean I live in the Capitol?


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