I Found a Title!!

Remember …Fanfic… ?  Well, if you don’t, here it is again:


I wrote a song for the Wolves of Mercy Falls series by Maggie Stiefvater(Shiver, Linger, Forever). I think it’s something Sam would sing.


How are these pale lines/ Becoming more distinct? What I do every day is just miss you./ Hey, Why don’t you come over soon?/ Na na na na naaaaa/ You say you have some work to do./ Maybe tomorrow,/ I miss you!/ Oh, what do you do each day?/ I imagine you, perfect, pristine,/ Oh, my angel, you’re my queen!/

Guitar Solo

/I love you!/ Hey, how are you? You’re up late./ You say: I’m ok./ Why did you call? Got your message, on my cell./ I say to you: You’re beautiful!/

Chorus: I miss you!/ I miss your smile./ I miss your laugh./ Where are you?/Wish I was with you.

Maybe one day/ Maybe one day/ Maybe one day I’ll be with you!/The distance between us grows smaller in my head./ All of those miles/

Come. Home. / Chorus / Oh, each night, I lie awake and think of you./ I look up at the ceiling, pretending you are here./ The room still smells like you,/ Almonds, daffodils, Shampoo, and lip gloss./ But no./ You’re at Oxford,  learning ’bout Old English transcripts./ I keep patiently waiting for you…/ Here in my room, strumming my guitar,/ Wishin’ you were here, Next to me./ Chorus / All of the time, it’s like this to me./ I. Love. You./ I. Miss. You./ I. Need. You./

Why?/ How?/ What?/ I don’t understand you./ Come Back./ Come Home./ I need you./ Chorus / Crying, silently, by myself at night./ I need you, come back to me, come back to my life./ Oh, darling, you seem as far away as the stars,/ But I’m a lonely planet, wanting your company./ My dear, be with me. I need you here right now. You’re as bright as the sun./ Gentle as the flowing stream,/ I love you, / I miss you!/ I miss your smile./ I miss your laugh./ Where are you?/ Wish I was with you.

Like it? Took me three days to put together. Is about 3 mins and 6 seconds long. Don’t really have title for it… yet. I was thinking “Our song” or ” Wish I was with you” or “I need you” or maybe “Miss you”.


Well, I found a title!!! I call it (drumroll): Heart With Loneliness.

<3 So sweet.

Please comment and tell me what you think of this!  I’ll make a video soon.







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