As you guys know, the twilight series is a New York Times Best Seller. This may lose me some of my readers(but you guys can forgive me, right? :)), But I love the books.  I started reading them about 1 month ago ish. Yeah, usually I don’t go for the popular books(Except hunger games and harry potter LOL)… I’m currently reading breaking dawn. Guess how many pages? 745! Wow. That has got to be the largest book I have read in my life.


Stephenie Meyer Wrote them.:)

Comment and tell me your opinion, if you’ve read it.


Bye for now, Mousepaw


11 thoughts on “Twilight…

  1. Good for you! As a “real” (not meaning anything bad by this, just a distinction between the readers who read because ‘everybody says they should’ and those who read because they like it) reader it is hard to be okay with reading something that millions have already fallen in love with. Reading for pure entertainment is as important as reading for a purpose though. I’m glad you enjoy them. :)


    1. Wow. That’s cool. But it does not prove that Harry Potter is better than twilight… Like this: Quidditich is a sport, right? The Harry potter books are a story of adventure, and acceptance, While twilight is a story of love, and romance and in some ways acceptance and morale desicions. So, I ask you, Can a fish climb a tree? No. it will die. Can a monkey swim 500 feet underwater? No. it will die. Thus, this is my conclusion. Oh, and fluff it may be, but that all depends on opinion.



      1. You’re right, the fluffiness of a book is a matter of opinion. As it happens, I find Twilight to be so very incredibly fluffy and sparkly. I hope you like Watership Down as much as you like Twilight. Watership Down, an award winning story about bunnies, is surprisingly unfluffy. ~ Storybook


      2. :) Edward’s (& other vampire’s) sparkaliness is just bait for human prey. They can’t control it, so, yeah. And Watership Down, It’s a little hard to understand, but it’s very good so far. I’m on chapter 3. :) Hey, can I read Warriors: The New Prophecy : Book 1 : Midnight by Erin Hunter as a school-book? It seems to be non-fluffy.

        As always, Mousepaw


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