American Nationalism in Art

This piece depicts a canyon scene, with a geyser blowing in the distance.  The light is coming in from the upper right-hand corner. There is what appears to be a camp of settlers with their horses near the lower left corner.  A beautiful scene, really.  It gives an impression of when america was new and still being explored.  The pioneers must move forward, and cross the magnificence.

Another art piece that matches our theme is Liberty leading the people, painted in 1830 as a view of the french revolution.

In this painting,  a woman in a dress (Lady Liberty) is leading an army through a battlefield.  She waves a red, white, and blue flag as a call to arms.  Muskets fire, the air fills with smoke from burning buildings(off in the distance, middle right).   Then, the French win the war.


American Nationalism was pretty much the first nationalistic movement.  It is art and music and anything from the years 1776 – 1850.


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