How to draw a dude’s head. :)


Drawing up a profile out of nowhere may seem hard, and can be just that hard, memorizing what curves go where. Mess up for just a second and it’s ruined. In this article I will show you how I draw a male profile (I might do a female profile later on).

Disclaimer: This is how I draw a male profile. I’m not saying it’s the best way; it’s most certainly not. It’s just how I do it nowadays.

Join me in the lesson, after the break.

Supplies: [Dixon Ticonderoga HB No. 2 Pencil] [Prismacolor Premier Black PC935] [Kneaded Eraser]

I like to start my drawing sessions with either a cup of coffee or just some good music. Whatever you want, choose it quick and slap your drawing stuffs on the table, and let’s get to work.

First off, we’ve gotta put in some guidelines. A circle and two sticks…

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