If you can’t swim, don’t jump in the water. Common sense makes life fit inside of many predetermined, cramped, boxes. Although, maybe if you can’t swim, you shouldn’t jump in the deep water, but if you never go splashing in the shallows, you’ll never, ever, get to the deep end. It’s simply a fact, among many other things. Another fact is that if you are never inspired, you can never inspire. It’s a continuing cycle. If your life is monotonous, then your output will be monotonous as well. You could break this cycle, if you chose. You could choose to think, and reflect, and move away some from the normal expectations of a society. Sometimes society calls the people who do this “nerds”, “hipsters”, “geeks”, and other things. More often than not, instead of upsetting themselves, the people embrace these labels. Labels aren’t good, it’s just that one would do better if one didn’t get worked up about a label. It makes no sense. The people are just being themselves, so why try and put them all in a box together with other, similar looking ideas and people?  Why try and categorize something that worked to get away from the categories?  If you google image search “inspiration”, you get encouragement on being inspired, and even a few how-to guides, but in truth, real inspiration can’t be found just simply on google or bing.  More often than not, it comes from you. Inside your brain and heart, how you react to things.  So it’s good to look for inspiration, but realize that it comes from inside yourself.

~ Mousepaw


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