Cast List:  Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, part 1: Society


katyKaty Perry, 29, as Lenina Crowne, because she has demonstrated Lenina’s modern style before in clothes, and judging by past movies, is a natural choice to play this character.



tomTom Hiddleston, 32, as Bernard Marx, The Rebel.  Tom Hiddleston has done an amazing job playing this kind of character in the past, so it was only natural to pick him to play Bernard, the character with  different ideas.



leoLeonardo DiCaprio, 39, as The Director, What excellent acting talents in his movies!  Not to be rude…  But part of the reason he is so perfect to play The Director is because for how handsome he is, his face looks as if he could easily be of the enemy.  Or the “Society”, in this context.


robRobert Downey Jr., 48, as Henry Foster, mostly because the persona he portrayed in the Iron Man films is what persona this character seems to have, in order to make Lenina want to be faithful to him, even when that is considered bad.



History Channel's Pre-Emmy Party - ArrivalsKevin Costner, 58, as The Controller, because he can play a very ‘traditional’ kind of person who always goes ‘by the book,’ very often not believing any new ideas or information; in other words, The Controller.




Thanks so much!  :D

Stay strong.



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