NaBloPoMo: Day 16


Hey peeps!  :D

I wanted to share my 6 best date ideas.  :)  Simple & cheap.

1. A movie & ice cream!  Simple, and cheap, if you go to the dollar theater.  :)

2. Introduce your honey to a few of your favorite things!  Go for a walk, watch a nerdy TV show at home, whatever floats your boat.  It’ll help you get to know each other.  :)

3.  Volunteer together.  You’ll both learn things about each other and you’ll get to help out.  Animal shelters, libraries, and stuff like that are all good options.

4. Winter?  — Go to Starbucks and a bookstore.  :)  Even if you just walk around with your drinks and don’t buy anything, it is an amazing thing.

5. Summer?  –Too hot to be outside?  Video games + pizza are a winner :)

6.  Summer & not too hot?  –Go downtown!  Be silly.  Take pictures together.  ^-^


That’s all for now.  :P




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