Day 00005193694221

Day 00005193694221

I walk.  Nothing moving.  Nothing breathing.  I walk.  I turn back. The sun is burning. I walk.  Crispy peeling skin.  Burnt. Wincing.  I clean the wounds. Another day. Another hour.  Used to have friends, before this.  I am the automaton.  But not robotic.  Night falling.  Stars appear.  No, not stars.  Burning.  Dying.  Explosions.  Why????? Can’t…………Function.  Count.  How many worlds have you destroyed?  How could you?  This little voice inside my mind.  Tears me apart.  It cuts me to think.  How many worlds have you destroyed? One…  Two…  Three…  Ten billion…  Ten billion and one… Twelve hundred trillion… Who? So many… I had to. Why? No right answer. I try not to remember. But only regret.  Can’t forget. Killing me softly. But I’ll just come right back to life. This is my punishment?!  …I had to… Skin tears and rips. I shred my body into pieces. I just come back with a new form.  Right there.  Golden light surrounds me.  Can it be?  No.  I’m back, again.  Hundreds and hundreds of years.  Final.  End.  End it all. I walk out of my shelter. The moon is bright with sorrow.  I run.  The air tears my eyes.  I am so exhausted.  But I don’t stop running away.  I’m killing myself so many times.  Nothing stops……



(You could put this in the context of Doctor Who…)

(I’m sorry…  I’m so sorry…)



2 thoughts on “Day 00005193694221”

  1. It could be in the context of another fandom: Roland the Gunslinger. You’ll read that story too, someday! Share this with your Aunt Boo to see if she agrees…


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