The Lines Project

The Lines Project:lines~The thoughts come in flashes.

My hands grip the sides of the small bathtub.

I’m here.

In the dark.

Demons run through my head.

Knives and blades,

so tempting…

End it all.

Life so painful.

I lurch forward, and the water thrashes around me.

I wait for it to still.

All I feel is this blade in my hand.

I press it to my skin.

It would be so easy…

The lights flip on.

I hear footsteps.

The shower curtain is ripped away.

Expecting anger, I turn away.

I feel a soft hand on my shoulder.

I hold the blade tighter.

“It’s ok,”  someone says.

“No……”  I whisper.

I feel a water droplet on my back.

Brush it away.

Another one.

I look around.


But their life is fine.

A clatter on the floor brings me back to reality.

It was the blade.  I’m out of the water, wrapped in a towel.

“I love you,”  They say.

Tears fall silently.

I can’t hold it in anymore.


This is my tribute to those struggling with self harm and depression.



<3  You can do it.

Take this.  Print it out.  Write it everywhere.  It doesn’t matter, so long as you remind yourself.


Stay strong.  You can do it.  :)



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