The Birth Of Destruction: 1

First day of Freshman Year

Anyone’s first day back to school is going to be exciting and terrifying. You’ll wonder what friends you’ll meet, what your teachers will be like and who might have changed, for better or worse. You obsess over what you’ll wear and where you’ll sit at lunch.

But honestly, the first day is one of the worst. It’s so drawn out and it’s nothing but teachers syllabus and rules. I always hated it.

But it was high school. The group of friends I had all dreamed of older boyfriends who’d whisk us away from our parents, who all of us hated in one way or another. Especially me. I thought my parents were out to get me, as most teenagers diagnosed with depression will think at that age.  And I guess I also inherited anger issues from my dad, though I’ve never acted on them, I hate confrontations of any kind, always have, always will.

My parents weren’t divorced yet so I got on the bus the same place, at the same time I had been for the past 3 years. It was just going to a different place. My dad and uncle had gone to the same school years before so I was curious to see how many teachers would be asking me if I were related to him. A good bit did, but the rest were young.

So anyways, the bus got there and I found my friends where we promised to meet. This place would end up being our meet up spot until Senior year. As good of friends as we all were, really the only one I talked to over summer break was my best friend, Jenna, and that was only on occasion. I had a very sheltered childhood, the first time someone mentioned Eminem to me in 6th grade, I thought they were talking about the candy. I grew up on Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and country music, nothing else existed. Plus, growing up in bum fuck nowhere probably added to my being sheltered.

Anyways, we caught up a little and headed to our homerooms. My friend Melanie and I were in the same one, as were Jenna and Gabe. We got our schedules and were welcomed to the school and told to have a good first day.

I honestly couldn’t tell  you when I had what classes that year, I just remember two of my favorites, English and Choir practice, and my least favorite, Family Life Science.

At lunch that first day, I sat with a group of middle school friends, and a few upperclassmen I only later knew the names of. There was, me, Jenna, Laura, a girl names Monica they went to elementary school with, and Ann and Zeke were the upperclassmen we met.

Monica in turn, introduced us to a junior named Connor she knew from where she lived, and he  introduced his friends Caleb, Mark and Ryker. I was immediately drawn to Caleb. There was just something about him that shouted out bad boy to me. Not the leather jacket and motorcycle kind of bad boy, more like the been-through-more-than-you-can-ever-dream-of type. But I was shy so I said nothing but Hi.

Right after lunch, Monica and I had Family Life Science together so we headed upstairs. She told me a bit more of herself and we were great friends before we even made it to the classroom. She told me more about Connor and Caleb without my even having to ask. Connor was something of a man whore, he’d slept with more girls that she could even count. Caleb was his troubled friend. He’d been in and out of therapy for years and even spent some time in Philhaven, a mental and behavioral health facility for people with depression, anger, anxiety, etc issues.  He was also on probation for some reason that was unknown to her. I’d learn plenty on my own, but not for another year.

That’s pretty much how it went. We didn’t talk again for another year.

This is the first chapter of a true story, by Bree Houseman, on



One thought on “The Birth Of Destruction: 1”

  1. Wow that was incredible, I understand where bree was coming from with the whole “bad boy”. I myself have been turned down by girls who say I’m not bad or sexy enough like the popular guys were. Sufficient to say all those girls turned out to be whores who slept with anything that moved. Kind of ironic as I think about it now.


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