The Birth Of Destruction: 3

Sophomore year

10th grade was the year we were aloud to enroll in the Vo-Tech if we wanted to. I decided not to because they didn’t have a course to offer for what I wanted to do, which at that point was become and English teacher. I struggled with taking a Daycare course or Cosmetology, and turned down both. Plus, if I would have elected that, it would have meant I’d have to give up Choir practice.

Not much changed that year. We still hung out in the same place in the mornings, but we did find a new place to sit at lunch time. Connor and Caleb became more of a permanent part of our group of friends. He and Melanie had broken up over the summer and he and Jenna dated, only for him to break up with her for Melanie once the school year started up again. Monica opted not to sit with us because she claimed seeing Connor all over another girl made her upset. So she instead sat with Ann and Zeke that whole year, and the 2 after that. Natalie and Tonya also sat separate, while Mark and Ryker moved back and fourth between the 2 tables.

I didn’t go to the homecoming that year, as that was when my depression started. My parent had just separated and I didn’t want to be around or talk to anyone much anymore. I got my first job as a Dietary Aide at the nursing home my mom worked at. In October, I quit there to work at McDonald’s with my friends.

Caleb began to take more of an interest in me that year, but at the same time, kept his distance. He didn’t ever want to hang out outside of school, and was often absent from his getting in trouble. But I was glad just to capture his attention.


Third chapter of a true story by Bree Houseman on





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