About Me, Myself, I, AND This Awesome Blog…

You may be wondering…  Who is this person, and what the heck is this blog about?


You can call me Mousepaw.  I am not in the habit of caring what other people think, thank you very much.  I’m an animal rights activist with a few dogs, and a really weird cat. I write songs, and am currently writing two books.  I am a total and complete Ravenclaw…  And don’t blame me for any witty comments, because sarcasm is nature’s natural response to stupidity.

This blog is partially about me, partially about how awesome I am, and I devote a little sliver to the things that are truly important.
Does that answer your question?


I love music, rapping, animals, reading books, writing books designing clothes, volunteering, being a smart mass, and babysitting.


My favorites!

TV>>> Castle, Criminal Minds, Bones

ANIMALS>>>All Of Them. <3


Treasure – Bruno Mars

Summertime Sadness – Lana Del Ray

Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke ft. T.I. and Pharrel

Same Love – Macklemore


Ubuntu!  :D
Gemma Malley, Kelley Armstrong, JK Rowling, Kirsten Gier, Suzanne Collins, Myself  :P








One more thing I probably should tell you:  I kill people who sparkle and say they’re vampires.


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