Hello.   I’m not usually one to pin people down for a serious conversation, but this is important.


1. Animal Rights

Animals are suffering and dying needlessly every single day.  Many of them the animals that no one cares about.  The cows and calves that die painfully for your hamburgers and milk.  The chickens and pigs in Tyson.  The lonely old dogs at the kill shelter.  The horribly mistreated animals that we see every day but do nothing about.

For more information, read this blog posts:

That last post really shows what you can do, even at a young age.


2.  Women’s Rights

Feminism is important.  Being a feminist does not mean that you want the female sex to be treated superior, it just means that you believe in gender equality.

Think equal rights are unneeded?  Take a look at these facts…

Women account for an astonishing 70 percent of the population living in absolute poverty (on less than $1.00 a day)

Only 17% of the seats in Congress are held by women, although women make up more than half of the U.S. population.

According to Census 2000, 281.4 million people were counted in the United States — 143.4 million of whom were female and 138.1 million male.

Women earn 78 cents for every dollar a man makes.

There’s nothing in the U.S. Constitution that guarantees women the same rights as a man. Despite attempts to add an Equal Rights Amendment, there is no guarantee of equal rights for women in any legal document or any piece of legislation.

What do you think now?  Feminism is 120% needed if we ever want to fix the lack of Equal Rights in this country. 

  • Did you know?
  • The confidence
    gap starts early.
  • Between elementary and high school, girls’
    self–esteem drops 3.5 times more than boys

“My feminism is not at the expense of men. It is at the expense of patriarchy – there is a difference”  -celia

–The following is very important!–

Did I mention that feminists come in all shapes and sizes and frames of mind?

A feminist can be anyone. 

Did you hear me right?  I said ANYONE!

Whether they’re male, female, gay, straight, make-up wearing, or any variation thereof!

Hayao Miyazaki, Japanese filmmaker and illustrator, is a feminist.

Storybook Forest, a homeschooling mother and blogger, is a feminist.

Morals of the story: 
Not all feminists are man-hating and/or ball-breaking,
and the world needs feminism.

for ever








(Facts and quotes courtesy of,,,, and anyone not mentioned here.)


3. Overt Sexualization in the Media

(Okay, so this is a part of Women’s Rights, but it needed it’s own thing)


It’s an epidemic!  We think of all this misrepresentation of women and girls as normal!  The media sexualizes and belittles females like we don’t even matter…  It objectifies us in songs and movies and commercials and music videos and magazines and a whole slew of other things without us even realizing it.  It can (and often does) brainwash girls into thinking they must be complete sexualized barbie dolls in order to have any worth.  It heavily damages body image of both genders.  This leads to problems in a person’s life.  Eating disorders, lack of self confidence, depression, cutting, all sorts of self-harm, can all be caused by the cancer of the media’s unhealthy portrayal of what defines one’s worth.  Honestly, one would think we lived in a nation of hormone-wracked teenage boys!  For just one example, go to the victoria’s secret website.  Topless girls!  (Objectification to the MAXIMUM)  And for what reason, now?  To sell things.  Because hey, sex sells.  miley(People like Miley Cyrus are definitely not helping to stop sexualization and objectification…)  Speaking of Victoria’s Secret, the company recently launched a line of lingerie in smaller sizes emblazoned with one-lines objectifying phrases.  I am not kidding.  And guess what?  They sold.  Because, again, sex sells.  “Sex sells…but should children as young as five copy provocative dances and lyrics?”

teenager post 1   It really is horrifying to think about this kind of thing…  But you have to acknowledge the problem first in order to solve it. This “Teenager Post”  further illustrates my point.  The media has brainwashed so many of the young girls in America to believe that they want to be that lingerie model at Victoria’s Secret.  Hold up, now.  I’m not bashing sexuality, sexuality is totally and completely natural.  Humans are sexual beings from birth to death.  But to obsess about and degrade sexuality is the despicable thing here.  What to do, what to do…          pageant+girl  That’s what’s on the minds of parents who are thinking about this.  There are beauty pageants for toddlers!  Think.  Shows like Toddlers and Tiaras, they are sexualizing America’s youth!  Picture a girl. She has eyeliner, hair extensions, fake eyelashes, and revealing outfits…  And said girl is only three.  This just isn’t right…  It makes my head spin.  What decent parent would consent to this?  As the girls get older and more womanly, it only gets worse…  Have you seen the advertisements on  If you look closer, those girls don’t look a day past 15.  It’s terrible!


This is the messed up, degradingly hyper-sexual, sadistic, world we’re living in, and I haven’t even started talking about the problem of the lack of female politicians in the USA, or the violence propagated towards young people in video games, music, and the media.  Take Grand Theft Auto 5, Call Of Duty, Black Ops, Mortal Kombat, and really look at them for how truly graphic and gory they all are…bloody  It’s a short walk to promoting rape…Pictures of which I won’t include, but you can look up “promoting rape and violence” on google or something similar to get an idea, if you want.  So this is our screwed up society from yet another viewpoint.  Thanks so much for reading this.  Spread it around!  Re-post, but please give me credit.  Thanks again.


4. Suicide and Self Harm

suicidecoverEvery 16.2 minutes, someone commits suicide. Every seventeen minutes, someone else is left to make sense of it. When someone commits suicide, their death will intimately affect at least six other people. Suicide’s impact on friends, family, and community is unimaginably large. The sheer number of people that it affects is almost impossible to count. Trying to count how many people were affected is the equivalent of throwing a rock into a pond, and trying to count how many droplets of water felt the reverberation. The emotional and physical pain that causes suicide, and that suicide and self harm both create can be stopped.

Adolescents and young adults are especially at risk for suicide or self-harm, because of the hormonal imbalances in their brains. In the USA alone, teen suicide rates have more than jokesdoubled since 1963. Suicide is now the third leading cause of death in fifteen to twenty four year olds, beneath homicides and automobile accidents. It is thought that for every suicide, there were twenty five suicide attempts, and innumerable suicidal thoughts. According to the Center for Disease Control and the American Association of Suicidology, there are three female suicide attempts for each male attempt, but males are more likely to die by suicide, because they tend to use more lethal ways to attempt it.


The amount of teen self-injury in the US has doubled from 1997 to 2007. While this is true, it is thought that now, perhaps because of increased awareness and increased support, that adolescent self-harm in the masses has finally hit a plateau. However, per year,there are still twice as many deaths from suicide than HIV and AIDS combined.

All of suicide is gruesome and most often unnecessary, from the first suicidal thought, to the last tears of those left behind. Some think that it thelinsprojectshould be required that everyone take part somehow in this cause. Together, we can make it stop. There are already some ways to prevent suicide, such as the National Suicide Hotline (which is 1-800-273-TALK), and the numerous suicide prevention groups, both online and offline. There are many ways that anyone can help the cause, including but definitely not limited to, raising awareness, learning more about the topic, and directly helping and talking to those affected (or who might be affected) by suicidal thoughts.prevent

Many people who are suicidal, especially teens, look to the internet for help, as it is a vast and often anonymous resource of easily accessible information, often on an easy to comprehend interface which they are familiar with. However, much of the information that is available online is false, written by ill informed persons. We need to start educating those who are ill informed, filling the internet with definite correct and current information about suicide, suicidal thoughts, non suicidal self-injury, and the aftermath, so that those looking for help online can honestly find it. Suicide and self injury bring everpreventoin dayyone pain. Pain that, together, we can end.


To find out more check out these websites:

Read this book:

It’s Your World–If You Don’t Like It, Change It: Activism for Teenagers
by Mikki Halpin

bookpic123  or look at the same book here:

And/Or Watch this movie:

Miss Representation


Explores the under-representation of women in positions of power and influence in America, and challenges the media’s limited portrayal of what it means to be a powerful woman.

We can do something.  We can! 

We can fight the ageists, the sexists, the racists, the homophobics! 

It’s as simple as saying something and giving a crap instead of shaking our heads sadly and then going back to whatever stupid thing we were doing.

Thank you for your courtesy of reading this page.  I hope I’ve inspired you to decide to do something.

~ Mousepaw


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