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Bgawk bok bok. Bawk Bgok bok bok.Er A Roo A Roo!

Chicken Noises…  :P


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Daily Post: Do you think you’d make a good president?

Ok, I know Ive posted this before, but still.  You should pay the most attention to the second paragraph.



This question was posted on “The Daily Post”.

Do you think you’d make a good president?

I do think I would make a good president.
If I were elected, I would be a president of action.  I have millions of ideas to make our country better.  There are too many to list here so I picked three of my best.  If I were president I would give all kids better and equal education,  protect livestock with animal rights and clean up water ways with stricter pollution laws.

It’s important to give kids better and equal education because they’ll do better in life.  For example,  kids in Oklahoma will not be as successful as kids that went to school in Massachusetts. Instead of being smart they would end up working in some hole-in-the-wall fast food place. I would change this by making sure that all schools,  Pre-elementary through post-gradate,  are created the best they can be and also,  created equal.  My way is better because then everyone will have an equal chance of doing what they want.

It’s important to protect livestock (cows,chickens,pigs)with animal rights because if their unhealthy we’ll be unhealthy too.  For example , say a cow is traumatized all her life, then she gets turned into beef, then we eat hamburgers; Therefore we are eating concentrated stress hormones!  Also,  do Americans have any idea how dirty conditions the animals are kept in?  When anyone buys from bad companies like “Tyson” or “Butterball” they are eating stress hormones, dirt and an animal, who was really quite smart. Did you know they butcher their animals while the animal is still alive?!?  I would change this by protecting livestock with animal rights, stricter laws and requirements.  The spatial requirements for pigs are NOT acceptable.  They have to stand up their entire life and can’t even turn around. Did you know one pig is as smart as, and can be smarter than, a five year old human child? Yeah. Bet NOT. I would give them 4 times(or more!) the space they currently have. Oh yeah, and they never get to see the sun. Have you seen what that does to people? Animals get it worse.  The elimination of rBGH and rBST from livestock is very important too. Getting rid of growth hormones and other injections would change the percent of obese Americans dramatically and ethical vegetarians could actually eat at  “Burger King” or “McDonalds.” Or they would go out of business, which would actually be perfect. Do you know what Tyson does to their animals?!?!?!?!?! Did you know that a pet chicken can be smarter than some dogs? Trust me, I have one.  Ha. And for a moment there you thought you knew something. Think Again!  

This is one BIG, FAT, LIE:

Google it if you don’t believe me!!!

It’s important to clean up water ways with stricter pollution laws to protect wildlife.  For example,think of the Los Angeles river or the Rio Grande.  Now think of the wildlife that lives there;  fish with three eyes, among other animals.  I would change this by putting up stricter pollution laws like proper disposal of trash and biohazards. Our country needs this, these changes will affect biodiversity through out America by making the wildlife healthier.

These ideas are important because they would help our country be a healthier and smarter place.  A better education will make Americans smarter.  Protecting livestock will make Americans healthier.  Clean waterways will make America beautiful again.  Healthy,  Smart, Beautiful, America!

Now who wouldn’t want that?

I edited this a little bit, so it’s a lot better than it was. I wrote this as a schoolwork essay a couple years ago.(See?? That is what I mean by a” better education”!)


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Linked In: Chicken Crazy!


A hatchery/info website that can ship as few as 3 baby chicks, with useful info about chicks, incubation, hens, roosters, and eggs…  they also sell supplies.


How to… CHICKEN!


A guide to everything chicken.

Trust me, these are websites worth looking at.

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They Hatched!!!!!!!!

They hatched! So far we have 1 white leghorn/rhode island red chick and 1 Rhode island red chick – And more to come!  They hatched this fine Friday the 13th morning.  They are so tiny they can sit in a spoon, and they are soooo cute!

Baby Pictures!







Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. <3



Your Friend, Mousepaw


To get you up to speed:

As you know, I have 10 chickens, 8 laying hens and 2 roosters.  As a (home) school project we decided to let my hens hatch chicks. They did not want to.  We still wanted to have chicks so we made an incubator.  It’s kind of like this one here:  Only better. And Guess What! We Have fertile eggs!!!!! (Finally!)  I was so happy when we found out. We have been incubating them about 4 days. I have to turn the eggs at 8 am, 4 pm,  and 12 am.  I keep track of how I turn the eggs by:  Lightly drawing an “x” on one side and an “o” on the other side of the eggs.  It’s harder than it sounds. —————————————————————————————————————————————

We have 4 Rhode Island Red hens and 2 Rhode Island Red roosters :

1 White Serema hen:

1 Easter Egger hen:

2 White Leghorn hens:

And 1 Brown Leghorn hen:

And hopefully more!



I love my chickens!!



Bok bok bok.

I have 10 chickens. One of their names is Swan.  She is a pet.

She lays green eggs. And this is what she looks like:

My 3 Rhode island red hens are named Mockingjay, Robin, and Cardinal. This is what the little birdies look like:

I also have 2 pretty little (RIR) roosters: 


2 White lil’ Leghorn hens with some attitude:


1 brown leghorn(no kidding!):


And 1 White-and-tan Serema hen. She is about 5 years old:


Those are my chickies.

Have you seen Frizzled Bantams?





bok bok bok.

I am getting LOTS (like 6 a day) of eggs from my hens… but they are all empty. :(

Also, we are thinking about getting rabbits, goats, or sheep.




We have 11 chickens, 9 laying hens and 2 roosters.  As a (home) school project we decided to let my hens hatch chicks. But, problems soon followed… they weren’t sitting on the eggs! We still wanted to have chicks so we made an incubator.  It’s kind of like this one here:  Only better.  And we are going to candle the eggs to see if they have baby chickies in them.  Here’s how were gonna do it:  Well, ALL of the eggs did not have ANYTHING in them. It’s not fair! I guess our roosters are too little…  I will post once a week to tell you if we have any fertile eggs (and all my other posts, of course).


We have 4 Rhode Island Red hens and 2 Rhode Island Red roosters :

1 White Serema hen:

1 Easter Egger hen:

2 White Leghorn hens:

And 1 Brown Leghorn hen:


I love my chickens!!