Day 4: NaBloPoMo

Views are few and far between…

But I still have ideas!  :)


Hey!  So today I looked around and realized something.

It’s cold.

So here I’m posting pictures of fire!  Imagine you’re not cold!

fire1  fire3fire2



















Wait…  That’s Doctor Who…  Oh H.G. Wells, I suppose I’m a bit off topic.  :P


Which reminds me…  50TH ANNIVERSARY OF DOCTOR WHO OMG.  :D

And a day later…  CATCHING FIRE OMG.


That tis all.



Doctor Who? Exactly.

Doctor Who is a long-running British television show.  It began on November 23, 1963 with William Hartnell starring as the First Doctor.  He was traveling in the TARDIS (his time machine that can go anywhere in time and space) with his grandaughter Susan Foreman (Played by Carole Ann Ford).  She was also a timelord.  The timelords are a race of aliens that look like humans, but have two hearts, the ability to regenerate, and originate from Gallifrey.

Gallifrey was a planet in which “The sky’s a bright orange, with a citadel enclosed in a mighty glass dome, shining under the twin suns.  Beyond that the mountains go on forever, Slopes of deep red grass, capped with snow.”  That is the Doctor’s description from the episode ‘Gridlock’.   NASA says that they have found a planet similar to Gallifrey:  digitaljournal.com/article/331857   It is also described as “The Shining World Of The Seven Systems” by the Doctor.

Most of the time the Doctor takes companions on his adventures.  In chronological order they are:  Susan Foreman, Barbara Wright(Jacqueline Hill), Ian Chesterton(William Russel), Vicki (Maureen O’Brien), Steven Taylor(Peter Purves), Katarina (Adrienne Hill),  Sara Kingdom (Jean Marsh), Dodo Chaplet (Jackie Lane), Polly (Anneke Wills), Ben Jackson (Michael Craze), Jamie McCrimmon (Frazer Hines & briefly Hamish Wilson), Victoria Waterfield (Deborah Watling), Zoe Heriot (Wendy Padbury), Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (Nicholas Courtney), Liz Shaw (Caroline John), Jo Grant (Katy Manning), Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen), Harry Sullivan (Ian Marter), Leela (Louise Jameson), K-9 Mark I (Voice by John Leelson), K-9 Mark II (Voices by John Leelson and David Brierley), Romana (Mary Tamm and Lalla Ward),  Adric (Matthew Waterhouse), Nyssa (Sarah Sutton), Tegan Jovanka (Janet Fielding), Vislor Turlough (Mark Strickson), Kamelion (Voiced by Gerald Flood), Peri Brown (Nicola Bryant), Melanie Bush (Bonnie Langford), Ace (Sophie Aldred), Grace Holloway (Daphne Ashbrook),

Then In 1983, Doctor Who was off the air as a television show. The 8th Doctor had one movie in 1996.  Doctor Who was cancelled until it’s resurgence on March 26, 2005 with the episode Rose(Written by Russell T. Davies, who I have named Kill-Everybody-Guy for spoiler filled reasons).

Rose Tyler (Billie Piper), Adam Mitchell (Bruno Langley), Jack Harkness(<3, John Barrowman), Mickey Smith (Noel Clarke), Donna Noble (Catherine Tate), Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman), Astrid Peth (Kylie Minogue), Sarah Jane Smith (Again, I know, but I had to put her here too.  She DID appear.  Played by Elisabeth Sladen), Jackson Lake (David Morrissey), Rosita Farisi (Velile Tshabalala), Lady Christina de Souza (Michelle Ryan), Adelaide Brooke (Lindsay Duncan), Wilfred Mott (Bernard Cribbins),  An Interesting fact: Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Mickey Smith, Sarah Jane Smith, Jackie Tyler and Rose Tyler were collectively called the “Children of Time” by the Daleks in “Journey’s End.”

Amy Pond (Karen Gillian), Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill), River Song (Alex Kingston), Craig Owens (James Corden), and finally…  The current companion, Clara Oswin Oswald!

So… After almost fifty years of companions, I have some music written by Murray Gold!

Who is your favorite Companion?  :D  (Mine is probably Martha Jones or Rory Williams)


~ ℳøυṧεραω