NaBloPoMo: Day 19


Hey!  I just built a doghouse out of doors with my brother (gizmosandgears.wordpress.com) and my mom (storybookforest.wordpress.com). :)

I wonder if either of them will post about it.  lol

Basically, though, it is three doors.  Both sides and the roof.  It doesn’t have a bottom yet, but you could add one if you want.  Then waterproof it and close off one side with boards.  You could decorate it, I suppose.  :)


That’s all. :)




Hey y’all.  :D

Just wanted to show off my brother’s new puppy…  And my photography skills! lol

Anyway, here she is. <3 Pudge <3

That’s all. :P


A later note:  My brother also posted on the topic! :D  He’s a bit new at blogging.  I’m sure he’d appreciate any feedback you have.


Take the Pledge and Win!

Take the Pledge and Win!.

Puppy mills are so horrible.. Read this blog post and take the pledge!