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NaBloPoMo: Day 26


Hello peoples of the strange and wonderful planet called the Internet!

I wanted to share what I’ve found on my adventures through cyberspace.

A few repeating gems:

A few common memes:



























A few amazing fandoms:









They're supposed to be for the horses but, you know.










And let’s not forget the music side of things!

But anyway, before the page is overrun with internet, I must close this entry.

Thanks so much for looking! :)

~You can use the pictures if you want, just give me credit!~




NaBloPoMo: Day 21

I’ve posted more this month so far than any other.  :P


Hello.  I don’t know why you’re here at my blog, but it’s truly lovely and I hope you enjoy it.  ^-^

Here are some haiku’s that I wrote:


Middle of the night,

Ha!  You see, I am this cat.

Running through the house.


Some flowers do bloom

On trees and stems alike.  Yes,

Hoping rain will come.


Try to sleep.  Ha, ha!

Creeping up behind you, here.

Now staring at you.


Look me in the eye,

This one glance will be your last

Slither, Basilisk.


Allons-y!  “Let’s go!”

A big blue box.  Really, sir?

I am the Doctor.


*Yay!* *Fandom!*  lol :)

Stay strong,


Jedi Kittens!

Jedi Kittens!

Jedi Kittens!  Yes. Just simply epic win. No other words for it.

Minecraft: Seeds Gone Wild!

Just discovered these new minecraft seeds.  Try them out!

#1 – 1128349708 – Superflat Mode, Spawns right next to a big village.

#2 – 41327148 – Default Mode, Mushroom Island!

#3 – 6415432385093134871 – Default Mode, Stronghold at X:-368 Z: +825  Y: 14

#4 – -4609242173079593518 – Default Mode,  Spawn INSIDE A Witch’s Hut

Swamp biomes look really cool.

Also, I made this:


Lol.  Comment if you know what I’m referencing! XD

~ Mousepaw :)

This Awesome Author

You must read these books! :D The books are very very awesome. Maggie Steifvater is too.  I love the Wolves of Mercy Falls series.  Total awesomeness.

Her’s her blog:

This is just, like, full of awe.  That, apparently is the only thing I’m able to say right now.


~ Mousepaw


As you guys know, the twilight series is a New York Times Best Seller. This may lose me some of my readers(but you guys can forgive me, right? :)), But I love the books.  I started reading them about 1 month ago ish. Yeah, usually I don’t go for the popular books(Except hunger games and harry potter LOL)… I’m currently reading breaking dawn. Guess how many pages? 745! Wow. That has got to be the largest book I have read in my life.


Stephenie Meyer Wrote them.:)

Comment and tell me your opinion, if you’ve read it.


Bye for now, Mousepaw

Werewolves are cool.


Yep. What the title says.


Cool book series::: Obsessing.



Yeaaahh……… I know………………… -.- zzz……………………just bored. haven’t posted in a while………………………


Shiver, Linger, Forever


Equal to the hunger games in awesomeness.


This started out as a very focused post.  Now my mind wandered away… :)


Maggie stiefvater wrote the wonderful series known as the Wolves of Mercy Falls.