Winter 2012/2013 Fashion

To some people, this is important.  Others don’t really care!  The fashionable colors for this Winter are:


I should make a polyvore about this.    Sorry I haven’t blogged in so long!  Happy Holidays,




Homeschooling Carnival Post 2 (You know what I mean) : The Return Of Steampunk!

Hi Guys!  About a year ago I posted this:


Homeschooling Carnival Post – Costume Design

September 15, 2011

For my post I will talk about one of my electives.  I am taking costume design, and since Halloween is coming up I’m making a Halloween Costume!  I am going to be a steampunk princess, ummmmmm no, what about a… no… hmmmm. Well let’s just say steampunk girl.  It’s going to look kinda like this:

Only with a skirt.  And a black vest instead of the corset.  Oh, and probably not high heels.  And with a hat and round glasses.  Ok, so it’s really going to look like this…

I’m going to add some things to complete the costume:  riding boots, another belt slung across my chest and another belt around my waist.  A wind up pocket watch  my mom has.   A black velvet choker with a cameo attached to it.  I’m also going to paint a nerf gun or water gun to look steampunk and wear it in a holster. I might wear a black skirt instead of this brown one.  I don’t know yet, I’m still designing.

Steampunk is sort of Victorian/Utilitarian.  It’s called steam punk because they didn’t have electricity in Victorian times so everything was powered by steam.  Steam punk is what the world would be like if everyone still dressed like it was Victorian times and all of our modern technology ran on steam.  That pretty much sums it up.

I’m going to decorate the hat and gloves with gears and ribbon and make gear earrings, too.  My Aunt and Uncle are helping me.  I’m going to put more pictures up as my costume gets closer and closer to finished.  Come back and see more of my Halloween costume and all my other posts!

Remember that?

Well, this year I’m doing the same thing. Only better.  :D

I took the costume from last year(I actually wore that Trick-Or-Treating!), then I added LOTS of new stuff. It just keeps getting more awesome. In other words, it looks WAY better. :)

Here’s the updated version :::

(Drumroll Please!)





















Like it?


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Mercedes Benz: Fashion week Spring 2012

These are a few of the best designers there…


The lines look chic.  And the overall style looks comfortable.   Although I can say that I don’t like the shortness of it.


She’s got some style. I love her Casual/Wow combination, especially with the shine, and the tattoo leggings.


I would  wear most of his stuff myself, If it was my size. :) The shirt and long skirt look great together. I love the idea. However, The model’s blue lipstick is WAY too bright.

You can view all of these designer’s fashions and more at

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