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Autumn Winds

A girl sat alone on the bench outside of her house.  Falling leaves littered the ground around her all different colours.  She was thinking of the boy.  The boy.  The boy.  Her boy, she supposed.  Oh what a beautiful day, she thought as the crisp winds ruffled through her hair.  Auburn silk.  She almost laughed aloud.  No, her hair wasn’t that pretty.  She didn’t care, though.  She walked barefoot from the bench, feet crunching in the leaves.  I wish he was here.  She sighed, and wrapped her scarf tighter around herself.  Continuing walking, she looked up.  The sky was grey like something she’d never seen.  The clouds rolled through, pushed along by the north wind.  She felt a tap on her shoulder.  She looked up, surprised.  No one was there.  How odd, she thought.  She walked quicker now, not wanting to waste time.  Then she felt a whisper ever so slight from the trunk of the fallen tree.  That great oak had stood for nearly a century, then in early spring years ago, a great gust of wind had torn it up at the roots.  Too big for anyone to move it, and too remote in the woods for anyone to care, the tree lay there, slowly intermingling with the earth.  She looked inside of the trunk.  A light was springing from the very center inside of it.  She was shocked, naturally, but also unnervingly curious as to it’s source.  She took off her scarf and jacket, leaving her in simply denim summer shorts and a deep blue sweater.  She laid her scarf and jacket on the ground carefully avoiding mud, and crawled inside the trunk.  She spied numerous spiders spinning webs as blankets for the coming winter.  Even a small creature sleeping.  She wiggled past so cautiously as to not disturb anything.  When she was almost to the middle of the hollow log, the ground started to shake.  Something pulled her out of the fallen tree.  The ground stopped shaking.  The forest was still again.  She brushed decomposing insects off, and tried again to reach the elusive unexplained light source.  she was almost there again, when this time she heard rushing water.  The trunk of the tree was going to flood.  She had to get out.  She was stuck on something.  She couldn’t move.  A wave of water came through the great tree, filling her mouth, eyes, and nose.  She was pushed out along with the creek water.  All wet, she looked down at her feet.  They were cold now, a bluish shade.  She could still feel them though, and when she bent down again to look in the hollow log, the water was gone and the light was still there.  Everything was dry inside the fallen oak.  She looked down, surprised.  Even she was dry, once she stepped inside the trunk.  She couldn’t stand up, so she crawled.  Again, she was almost to the glowing spot.  A wind reminiscent of the one that had knocked the tree down thundered through the hollow wood.  She tried to hold on and almost succeeded, but alas, the wind blew the girl right out.  Ok, she thought.  How many times can I not succeed?  She, again, bent down and crawled through.  Quicker this time, then the others.  She could see the light source.  It was coming from the ground underneath the log.  The tree grew warmer as she got closer to the light.  She slowed down.  Everything seemed to hold it’s breath.  Then the light exploded outwards.  She shot out of the fallen tree’s trunk, back into the cold autumn air outside.  She hit her head against a standing tree.  Everything faded away.  She woke up, hours later, her scarf and jacket back on.  She was covered in leaves.  It was dark.  She stood up, holding her aching skull with both hands.  The temperature had dropped at least twenty degrees.  She remembered idly that the weather report had stated that tonight was the first freeze.  She crawled one more time back inside the great fallen oak.  This time she didn’t go far.  She didn’t try to obtain the light source.  She stopped when she was just sheltered from the wind.  Something was definitely off about this tree.  Somehow the fallen tree was growing warmer again.  Her eyes snapped open.  Three raccoons had scampered inside of the log.  The were sleeping around the light.  She smiled.  Almost like a campfire, she thought.  Oh, if  her boy could see this,  he would laugh.  He would even try and take one of them home as a pet.  He wouldn’t be successful in the endeavour, of course, and he would most likely end up with a face full of teeth marks, a trip to the emergency room and numerous rabies and tetanus shots, but the danger of that would far from stop him from trying.  The light was constant, so it wasn’t a fire, but it was warm like one.  She edged closer, trying to stay warm, but at the same time trying not to awaken the critters or disturb the light.  She was reaching forward to warm a hand when suddenly a raccoon’s eye snapped open.  She stopped, and remained motionless.  They watched each other with great interest.  Much to her surprise, the one awakened raccoon sniffed her hand and moved over from the light to let her closer.  For the first time, she truly saw what it was.  She couldn’t believe it!  A tiny floating daisy, perfect as when it first bloomed, encased in a glowing shrine of light.  It gave off warmth like eternal spring.  A tiny, beautiful, bewitching, figure stepped out of the daisy.  Nothing like you see in stories.  Wild, tangled, hair that fell past her hips, pointed, devilish, features, and a voice like thunderstorms and wildfires and a calming ocean and a warm breeze through a woodland.  It spoke to her in a way like a grandmother’s last words and baby’s first breath.  She fell asleep without meaning to, there, inside of the fallen tree, with the creatures and raccoons and smell of sunshine.  The next morning she awoke in bed in what she was wearing the night before.  A text from the boy was on her phone.  When she reached out to grab it from the table beside her bed, something fell out of her hand.  Old, rolled up parchment, upon further inspection.  Inside, in smallest font, this was written:

Think what you will.

We protect what is real.

We give you this gift of knowledge.

Treasure it well.

She shook her head to clear it, and remembered everything.



The End!  Hope you liked my story.  Tell me what you think in the comments below.  :)  Sorry for any grammar mistakes.


~ Mousepaw


Homeschooling Carnival Post 2 (You know what I mean) : The Return Of Steampunk!

Hi Guys!  About a year ago I posted this:


Homeschooling Carnival Post – Costume Design

September 15, 2011

For my post I will talk about one of my electives.  I am taking costume design, and since Halloween is coming up I’m making a Halloween Costume!  I am going to be a steampunk princess, ummmmmm no, what about a… no… hmmmm. Well let’s just say steampunk girl.  It’s going to look kinda like this:

Only with a skirt.  And a black vest instead of the corset.  Oh, and probably not high heels.  And with a hat and round glasses.  Ok, so it’s really going to look like this…

I’m going to add some things to complete the costume:  riding boots, another belt slung across my chest and another belt around my waist.  A wind up pocket watch  my mom has.   A black velvet choker with a cameo attached to it.  I’m also going to paint a nerf gun or water gun to look steampunk and wear it in a holster. I might wear a black skirt instead of this brown one.  I don’t know yet, I’m still designing.

Steampunk is sort of Victorian/Utilitarian.  It’s called steam punk because they didn’t have electricity in Victorian times so everything was powered by steam.  Steam punk is what the world would be like if everyone still dressed like it was Victorian times and all of our modern technology ran on steam.  That pretty much sums it up.

I’m going to decorate the hat and gloves with gears and ribbon and make gear earrings, too.  My Aunt and Uncle are helping me.  I’m going to put more pictures up as my costume gets closer and closer to finished.  Come back and see more of my Halloween costume and all my other posts!

Remember that?

Well, this year I’m doing the same thing. Only better.  :D

I took the costume from last year(I actually wore that Trick-Or-Treating!), then I added LOTS of new stuff. It just keeps getting more awesome. In other words, it looks WAY better. :)

Here’s the updated version :::

(Drumroll Please!)





















Like it?


Your Friend,






They Hatched!!!!!!!!

They hatched! So far we have 1 white leghorn/rhode island red chick and 1 Rhode island red chick – And more to come!  They hatched this fine Friday the 13th morning.  They are so tiny they can sit in a spoon, and they are soooo cute!

Baby Pictures!







Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. <3



Your Friend, Mousepaw


To get you up to speed:

As you know, I have 10 chickens, 8 laying hens and 2 roosters.  As a (home) school project we decided to let my hens hatch chicks. They did not want to.  We still wanted to have chicks so we made an incubator.  It’s kind of like this one here:  Only better. And Guess What! We Have fertile eggs!!!!! (Finally!)  I was so happy when we found out. We have been incubating them about 4 days. I have to turn the eggs at 8 am, 4 pm,  and 12 am.  I keep track of how I turn the eggs by:  Lightly drawing an “x” on one side and an “o” on the other side of the eggs.  It’s harder than it sounds. —————————————————————————————————————————————

We have 4 Rhode Island Red hens and 2 Rhode Island Red roosters :

1 White Serema hen:

1 Easter Egger hen:

2 White Leghorn hens:

And 1 Brown Leghorn hen:

And hopefully more!



I love my chickens!!


Meet Sampson: The New Addition

We got a new puppy!  He was born on August 27, 2011.  His name is Sampson and he’s about 7 months old.  This is him!

At 4 months… 

At 6 1/2 months… 

Getting ready for a nap…


<3 He is so sweet. He knows (the tricks) come here, stand-up-on-your-hind-legs, sit, shake, lay down, catch-the-treat-in-your-mouth-without-letting-it-touch-the-ground, and roll over.

He is half Rottweiler and half Flat Coated Retriever.

For more info on his “breed” look at and

We have 2 other dogs, a girl and boy. The girl, Panda, Is 1 week older than Sampson and is a Pit bull terrier/Dalmatian , and the boy, Vida, is a 1 year old Flat coated retriever.

Happy Valentines Day!,


P.S.  Support Suzanne Collins and Read The Hunger Games!

Happy New Year!

To finish 2011 and to welcome the new year I have a slam bang new year post just for you.  To start things off, here’s that song that people keep singing for no apparent reason today. Auld lang syne or however you spell it.

Well here is the link:

Did you hear?  They postponed the “Rosebowl” new years parade till January 2nd  only because January 1st falls on a Sunday this year.  How weird, right? Comment if you agree!

Next up is clipart!

Clipart for 2012, to be exact.



They did this with a sparkler.


This is from one of my favourite comic strips: Calvin and Hobbes.


The message is simple,  HAPPY NEW YEAR!


I’m not exactly sure why I put this in here. Maybe because 2012 is the year of the dragon in the Chinese calender.  Oh well.

The last thing I am going to say is: Happy New Year!





The Story!

So here it is. I have adapted a few details to fit the story.


One day out of the blue a girl bid, “Adieu, adieu!”

to her friends and family, she moved!

to a village she thought predisposed

a house made perfectly arose.

On the scales of good and bad,

The house was perfect and the village, she thought, was just sad.

But as houses go is was an obvious decision.

Now to this you must listen.

She moved in and she was happy…

But she thought the town was sappy.

She was a witch of sorts, I think.

And she took care of herself with a quick wink.

Then she met Julie who was kind of a geek.

Julie was her neighbor of only one week.

They grew to be friends very, very closely.

Julie’s last name is T.M.  Kozely.

The very same last name as Sunrise!

Was it possible they were sisters?

Could they have grown up in each others lives?

Switched at birth? Could she be a changeling?

Is she living without aging?

They don’t know anything for sure.

But to jump to conclusions would be immature.

After awhile they found something out.

They knew exactly what it was about.

Could it be?

They were getting tested with biology.

The scientist came out and explained,

Their DNA was a match, Aha! they exclaimed.

Most people will agree,

A match is a match , Now do you see?

They still felt a little unsure.

About information, they needed more.

Were they getting their biology right?

They stayed up all night trying to see it in the light.

They  were sure they had misplaced a letter E.

Ah.  Maybe that was the missing key.

Then they drank lots of strong tea.

Drinking tea made them happy.

They were sure now, I believe.

And they were able to conceive,

They were cousins!

It would not be easy to disagree,

For the proof is on paper for all eyes to see.

After this,  Sunrise went for a walk in the trees,

And so got stung by angry bees.

She got better and now she’s happy,

And now the town does not seem sappy.

Sunrise and Julie stayed in the town.

They were happy so they wore gowns.

Shortly after, they went their separate ways.

Julie went on a trip for many days.

While Sunrise opened a little shop,

That sold some weird kinds of glop.

And then she met Don,

and had a little girl named Fawn.

Then they all lived happily ever after.

Under a roof made out of rafters.

I <3 Writing Poems!