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I was cruising pinterest the other day, when I stumbled upon this link:

It has music of all genres for all ages that promote being a “Mighty Girl”.

What’s a mighty girl? (Mighty guys exist too, it’s essentially the same kind of thing.)

— A girl who is self confident, sure of herself, kind, and smart, one way or another.

I’m a mighty girl.  Are you?  :)

I’ll probably post another post about gender discrimination and all of that later, but not now.  See you next time.






NaBloPoMo: Day 5

It’s rainy.  I’m cold.  I’m running out of ideas…


‘Ello!  I have almost finished Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire… It was so different from the movie!

So today I wanted to share this quiz I found.  :)

What’s your theme song?  :P


This was mine:

“Want You Back” by Cher Llyod

“You’re tough and edgy — but most of all, bold. You’re not afraid to speak your mind, or talk to a guy first. If you want something (like your ex back), you’ll stop at nothing to make sure you get it!”


Don’t forget to be awesome!  :P




Nablopomo: Day 3

I still have ideas.

Links for teen girls! Some of my faves. :)

It doesn’t matter if you’re girly or not!  Both kindsa links here.  :D

1.  Click create an account!  It’s tons of girly fun + it’s totally free, unless you choose for it not to be.   :)

2.  Music!  Music everywhere!  It has ads occasionally, but the music doesn’t pause to load.  You can also get rid of the ads, but that costs money.

3.  Collage anything you want, anytime!  It can automatically publish your creations to facebook/wordpress/blogspot and a number of other things, if you choose.  :)  It’s easy to disable that, too.  It’s also a great place to keep an eye on trends!

4.  lol I know…  But…  FUNNY CAT PICTURES.

5. Sciencey stuff!  Cool trends.  Ways to save the environment!  The list goes on and on.  Go check it out!  There’s also a newsletter full of interesting things!

6.  A fun website to check out if you like to write or read.  :)  If that’s not exactly your teenage cup of tea in a website, try this one:

Thanks for looking!!  :D




So today I was walking around aimlessly, trying to figure out what to post about, and that’s when I realized: I’ve never shared my Myers-Briggs personality type with you people.  For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, here:  (For those who already have a firm grip of the topic, skip this paragraph)  It’s a simple personality quiz developed by (Guess who!)  Myers and Briggs.  Probably more people, but for some reason if there were more people who helped make and research for the quiz, they didn’t show up on the radar.  Anyway, there are lots of different personality type categories.  Mine is ENFJ/INFP.  This jumbled bunch of letters means…

Extroverted (Slightly over Introverted)



Judging (Sometimes Percieving)


That’s what it means for me.  Yours is most probably different from mine.  Why not post it in the comments? :D

Of course, if you haven’t taken the test yet, you’ll probably want to. :P  Here:

:D  Have a most sunshiney day!





Rainy Mood… A Linked In, Of Sorts…

Rainy Mood.  Just….. Rain.  : )


~ Mousepaw


Linked In #whatever: The Legend of Korra

The Legend of Korra!

:) Yay! It’s out! Click the link to watch. No kidding!


~ Mousepaw

Linked In: Chicken Crazy!


A hatchery/info website that can ship as few as 3 baby chicks, with useful info about chicks, incubation, hens, roosters, and eggs…  they also sell supplies.


How to… CHICKEN!


A guide to everything chicken.

Trust me, these are websites worth looking at.

Bye! :D