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Award & Nominations! :D  Thanks so much for nominating me, and happy blogging to all of you! ^-^

There are so many awesome bloggers out there, I just don’t know where to start…  There were a couple bloggers I would’ve nominated, but they already had their nominated-ness.  :)

Here are my nominations:











Ok, ok… & NaBloPoMo

I know I haven’t been posting actual words lately.  Scroll down and you’ll find a bunch of pictures of t shirts & stuff.  XD  So yeah.  Anyways, I wanted to get my butt off the ground and start actually posting again.  I’m going to do NaBloPoMo.  Check out what the heck I’m talking about here:

If you’re too lazy to go read the link, (as I know so many of you are, admit it!) that’s fine.  I’ll just explain.  lol


NaBloPoMo is National Blog Posting Month, a month-long writing exercise that occurs each November.  You should expect at least one post per day for the entire November.  It started in 2006.   NaBloPoMo has grown steadily in popularity. Hundreds of participants entered in the first NaBloPoMo, and every year the numbers seem to increase.


So…  Yeah!  :D  I hope that you guys & gals that read my blog will come and comment and say  what you like/dislike and all that good stuff!  :)

I’m off to come up with new ideas for NaBloPoMo!

:D <3 ~ Mousepaw

On my YA book club:

On my YA book club :


Guys! If there’s any questions or anything like that you’ve got, feel free to ask! :)

If you decide to skip a book, thats ok. You might want to read it later. Still looking for suggestions on future books. Have you read any good one’s recently? Let me know! :D



We could read some by Maggie Stiefvater!! :D :D

Note!! : Most of the books (I think) will be things like the stuff that comes from this blog :::

Ideas, ideas.


Your Friend,




Quiz cutout back dress
£24 –

H M leather flat
£7.99 –

ALDO metal jewelry
$12 –

Dorothy Perkins square sunglasses
$14 –

H M hair clip accessory
£1.99 –

I Dare You.

I Dare You.

Modstrom white short sleeve shirt
€40 –

Studded leather jacket
$360 –

Mango jeans
£35 –

Tkees bright shoes
€65 –

Kate Spade gold plated jewelry
$120 –

“Finnick?” I say, “May…

“Finnick?” I say, “Maybe some pants?”
He looks down at his legs as if noticing his outfit for the first time. Then he whips off his hospital gown leaving him in just his underwear. “Why? Do you find this” — he strikes a ridiculously provocative pose — “distracting?”
I laugh. Boggs looks embarrassed and Finnick looks more like the guy I met at the Quarter Quell




Why .. senseless killing of animals living in nature.

D: This is so unfair!!!

thedogwalkinggardener's Blog

Saturday, April 28, 2012

How very sad is this .. a magnificent mountain goat shot and killed.  For sport. For someone’s boasting.  An animal that survived the wilderness of the mountains.   Skilled at living in the wild .. now, sadly, only a momento for someone with a gun.  I cry.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the newspaper yesterday. There was a photo of a most magnificent wild animal, dead, lifeless.  And beside this animal, a smiling young man, obviously proud of his kill.  With a gun.  How brave is he.   Not.

I asked my dh .. why, why?  He said . .you are asking the wrong person.

We both decry this wanton killing and destruction.  Poor mountain goat.  He lived his life the best he knew how.  Braving the freezing winters, scant food in spring .. he survived .. only for this?

The world weeps for…

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