Ok, ok… & NaBloPoMo

I know I haven’t been posting actual words lately.  Scroll down and you’ll find a bunch of pictures of t shirts & stuff.  XD  So yeah.  Anyways, I wanted to get my butt off the ground and start actually posting again.  I’m going to do NaBloPoMo.  Check out what the heck I’m talking about here:  http://www.wisegeek.org/what-is-nablopomo.htm

If you’re too lazy to go read the link, (as I know so many of you are, admit it!) that’s fine.  I’ll just explain.  lol


NaBloPoMo is National Blog Posting Month, a month-long writing exercise that occurs each November.  You should expect at least one post per day for the entire November.  It started in 2006.   NaBloPoMo has grown steadily in popularity. Hundreds of participants entered in the first NaBloPoMo, and every year the numbers seem to increase.


So…  Yeah!  :D  I hope that you guys & gals that read my blog will come and comment and say  what you like/dislike and all that good stuff!  :)

I’m off to come up with new ideas for NaBloPoMo!

:D <3 ~ Mousepaw


On my YA book club:

On my YA book club :


Guys! If there’s any questions or anything like that you’ve got, feel free to ask! :)

If you decide to skip a book, thats ok. You might want to read it later. Still looking for suggestions on future books. Have you read any good one’s recently? Let me know! :D



We could read some by Maggie Stiefvater!! :D :D

Note!! : Most of the books (I think) will be things like the stuff that comes from this blog ::: http://paulawestonotherworlds.wordpress.com/

Ideas, ideas.


Your Friend,


Warriors FanPoem!

FanPoem…  It may sound silly, but that’s what it is.  Warriors is a book series by Erin Hunter. She has her own website, too. ( http://www.warriorcats.com ) The word “kit” means kitten, so here it is.


Fantasies of a Thunderclan kit


All my brothers and sisters,

we are but newborn kits,

born in a bramble thicket.


On a hill of soft, green, grass,

lies the apprentices’ den.

When we are of age, of course,


six moons old, yes, yes, right then.

We will be training.

Our mentors will train us well.


We will make good warriors,

after we are trained.

We will catch prey, every day.



Warriors is the most awesomest book series ever.


Love,  Mousepaw


P.S. If you read warriors you will understand my name.

Practical Magic: Slideshow

These are my favorite quotes and pictures from the movie.  Learning to blog is fun making a slideshow is hard.  Not being able to post my slideshow because I don’t know how to upload it from photobucket is irritating.  So this isn’t quite what I wanted it to be, but it’s close.  Hope you enjoy the slideshow!

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Gypsy Dreams : Blog Party Post

This is my very first blog party ever, I’m so excited I can’t sit still!

I made this collage. I picked these pictures because they mean something to me.  The top center picture is my favorite. It is the tarot card strength.  The woman holding the lion’s mouth open is very strong, making the lion appear weak.  See how she does this deed with so little effort?

To be a gypsy is to travel around, usually in groups, not being in one place for any long amount of time. I think it would be really fun to live like that, but no, I can’t live like that.  Mom won’t let me!

Gypsy’s can also be related to as fortunetellers, or as psychics.  Sometimes I play with my tarot deck or crystal kids cards but I’m not psychic like a small medium at large.  LOL

That would be so cool.

I hope that you like my gypsy dream.  Have a great day!!!

Gypsy Dreams

I joined a blog party!  You’re invited too!

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