Posting now out of habit…

(Can you recognise the British spelling?)

Alright guys.  I opened the internet today, and I went here.  To post.  Simply out of habit!  Seriously.  This is a bit ridiculous, but I feel the need to post.  Here, on “Mousepaw”.  Okay, I think my blog needs a name.  Just maybe.  Mousepaw is my name.  My blogger name.  This blog can’t also be called Mousepaw…  Can it?  I don’t know…  Perhaps it can…  Well, obviously it can, but will I continue letting this blog call itself by my name?!?

Okay,  That’s a bit dramatised.

Yeah, it is.

In other news, I am now officially a novelette!  :D  Well, not me, I’m still a human.  My book just made it past being a short story.  *bows*  Thank you, thank you.

This is all I have to share.  :)

Happy December!  :D







The last day of NaBloPoMo!


In my blog, there were 42 posts this month.  :D

I wrote almost 4000 words in my novel.  :)

It’s a pretty big feat for me…  Though others have accomplished even more this month.  :)

In addition to being NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) it was also NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).  Really, I think November should just be “NaWriMo”, National Writing Month.

Anywho, to celebrate the end of NaBloPoMo, here’s a song.  :)

Thanks for writing.  Thanks for reading!

And Happy December.  :)



Day 29 of NaBloPoMo


Hello.  :)  Just wanted to say that I’m still alive, here on “Mousepaw”.

Out of ideas, but still alive.



Hello peoplez!

Just wanted to say happy Thanksgiving with this terribly drawn turkey.  :D










NaBloPoMo: Day 27

Only 3 days left~


I am here.  You are there.  But what really separates two people on the internet?

  1. Time?  Sort of.  It doesn’t ever truly separate our timestreams.  Even if one is born after the other one ends.  For even if we never, ever, meet, we each impact the others’ lives in at least microscopic ways.  We still live on the same planet.  (At least, that’s the way it is right now.)
  2. Alright, fine.  What about actual space separating people?  Refer to the above paragraph.  Specifically, this part:  For even if we never, ever, meet, we each impact the others’ lives in at least microscopic ways.  We still live on the same planet. 
  3. Dare I ask it?  ……What if  dimensions separate us?  It depends, actually…  Different dimensions would be the most effective way to separate two different beings.  But even then, there would be the tiniest of tiniest rips and tears in the cosmic fabric of dimensions, which (especially if they took up the exact same space, as in parallel dimensions!)  could lead to some of one dimension spilling into the other, and that would make for all kinds of problems.
  4. So what you’re saying is that nothing can separate anyone from anyone…?  No, not exactly, because for as completely interlinked we all are, there is a certain separateness that makes us each a different being.

These are just my thoughts, of course…  But hey, even Einstein’s theories were once just his thoughts.  ;)

Thanks for reading! :)






NaBloPoMo: Day 26


Hello peoples of the strange and wonderful planet called the Internet!

I wanted to share what I’ve found on my adventures through cyberspace.

A few repeating gems:

A few common memes:



























A few amazing fandoms:









They're supposed to be for the horses but, you know.










And let’s not forget the music side of things!

But anyway, before the page is overrun with internet, I must close this entry.

Thanks so much for looking! :)

~You can use the pictures if you want, just give me credit!~



NaBloPoMo: Day 25

Hello my people! :D


I am writing a book, as you may or may not know, and it’s hard for some to keep track of what their story really is…  A Novelette?  A Novella?  Simply a short story?  An actual Novel?  Well guess no more!  Here, all you need is Word Count.  :)  I found this one day on pinterest and I had to share this with you.





=3  Hope this helps all of my fellow writers out there!



Hello.  ^_^

NaBloPoMo: Day 24


O. M. G.  There’s only 6 days of NaBloPoMo left!

This is going by fast. :)

I do have something to confess; I still have not watched the Day of The Doctor!  Too unwilling to let go of Matt Smith.

Also, there’s this song and I can’t remember what it is!!!

It goes like this:

“And I’m dying just to know your name,

’cause I need you here with me now,

Cause you’ve got that, one, thing!

So get out, get out,

Get out of my head,

And fall into my arms instead!

I don’t, I don’t know what it is…

But I need that one thing”

It’s been driving me crazy.

Anybody know what it’s called?  Anybody?



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Touring Paris

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