Those boring middle chapters that have to happen between action scenes.




Well, progress on my novel isn’t going as hoped…
I’m nowhere near my word goal.  Too many paper cranes and not enough keyboard taps, I guess.
However, I shan’t give up!!  Looks like this is going to be a two month NaNoWriMo.  Wish me luck.

At least now I have exactly what’s going to happen in the story in my head.

Eeek I hope I can do this.


It’s been 3 years today.  (:  Happy birthday, blog.



Oui, today has been too long of a day…
I haven’t practiced my French.  Quel dommage…
Nor have I written anything in my novel… Erk…
My ability to have a lively conversation is grinding to a painful halt.
I have a headache.
Sound and light are weirdly abrasive.
Nothing smells right.
My guitar is leaning against the wall, looking at me sadly.
The string of lights that I got for xmas stopped working again.

Although, food makes almost everything better somehow. 
Yeah that’s supposed to be not good or whatever but


And so now my headache is sort of gone.

Life is better.

Sorry to stampede my way into your WordPress News Feed.  Lol

~Mouse <3

Apparently my brain thinks that the best possible way to write a novel in a month is to listen to Nickelback at top volume and play Flappy Bird.

This will be a long NaNoWriMo..,


Hey guys. It’s been a while since I posted. Sorry ’bout that.  To entertain you all, I’m going to write a paragraph without using the letter E.

I’m a paragraph, but I can’t say why.  Think: a world that is without its most popular non-consonant!   It’s tricky to find ways around.  But, I can.
Could you fathom a world without that color that is rad? If not for that, crowds would blush pink.  That’s what this is similar to, I know.
Thank you. *bows*

Gosh, that was nonsensical.



This is something I found, written by KyraGreen. I fixed some spelling errors, but other than that, it’s the same.  I found it thought provoking and just too true…  Why is society like this?  Is it the media’s fault?  Is it our fault?  Whoever’s fault it is, is not the question.

It’s all of our faults, in a way.

Now we just have to fix it.

Hey, be yourself.

But No, society says. Not like that.

It’s been brought to my attention that we live in society full of idiots. We call ourselves human but yet we live in this inhuman society with these monsters lurking inside of us. We live in a society where us girls are more concerned about looking perfect then actually believing they’re beautiful. We live in a society where the girls are taught how not to get raped, but wait; aren’t we supposed to be teaching the boys not to rape? We live in a society where people have the audacity to sit behind a computer screen and type “Kill yourself”, press send, and not even bother to think twice about what they had said. A society where boys are never trusted, and girls’ true voices are stifled. The mirage of what it is to be “perfect”. And while you go on with your everyday life there are people like me and you just watching. We watch you worrying about the same thing, stressing over a guy or the way you look, and the way you dress because you don’t want anybody to judge you. Because you can’t be different. Being different would mean social torture.

Aren’t we ignorant?


Thanks for reading this.  Post your thoughts below?


…Are you daring to underestimate me? Watch me prove you wrong.

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