French Révolution: Poetry

(Henry Singleton) Storming of the Bastille

Carpe diem!  Today, we strike!

Cheers fill the streets so violently

as a smile fills my bloodstained face.


Waving the flag around

rush through the air as we

storm the tower

and reclaim what is ours.

Peace! Finality! Bread!

Storm the tower,

no wound too strong,

keep fighting!


Fight for your freedom,


Dying around me,

bodies fill the streets and blood rushes through the



Freed from poverty and famine!

Storm the Bastille,

and start to rid us of that bane that is

the royalty!


those three estates!

And let the blood that flows in the gutter

be no longer of the sans-culottes,

but of those who have wronged and

controlled us for too long!








Marie Antoinette Movie Review

***Spoiler Alert!***


Today I saw “Marie Antoinette”.   It was a good movie, but there are a few details that the producers missed. They missed all of the preparation before the wedding. Did you know she had to wear braces?  They also messed up a little on age, but that is understandable ( There would be three or more Actors and Actresses to play each character!).  The Soundtrack. Oh, the soundtrack was WAY too modern. It actually had the song “I Want Candy”…

At one point in the movie after Marie is sad for some while, she goes money-spending. In the background, when she’s trying on shoes, you can see a pair of purple converse tennis shoes. :P

The one thing that bothered me the most was that the movie did not have a complete ending!  Yeah, I read all kinds of books about this, and it is my favorite piece of history so I already know the ending, but still!

It could use a little help,  but the story was well presented.




But, anyway, it was overall a good movie. It won an Oscar Award for good reason.

~  ◊Mousepaw◊


The Historyteachers!!

OMG.  This is so cool. :) You guys will love this!

Without further ado, The Historyteachers!!

This one is my favorite, particularly because I’m obsessed with the French Revolution. And because it’s good music.

Did you know Marie-Antoinette never said “Let them eat cake”? It was published in a writing by Jean-Jacques Rousseau when she was nine years old!

Their awesome channel:

Like It? :D

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