Happy Halloween! Omg, Tomorrow’s Actually The First Day Of NaBloPoMo

As incredibly long titles go, this is a very true one.  November!  The leaves have already started to say goodbye to their trees, blowing away on the frosty October winds…  The birds fly south, away from the coming cold.  Forever in a circle of time.  This day, spirits walk the Earth.  Both dark and light.  Monsters and angels.  Fairies dance around old oak trees, singing a song of ages.  Pixies devilishly laugh and continue their trickery.  A human child walks from door to next door, threatening and receiving sweet morsels.  Chocolate, raspberry, lime, and cherry, among others.  Jack O’ Lantern smiling up and grimacing down.  But the question now is how do you know which are children and which are spirits?  Truly, you don’t.




Happy Hallowe’en.






Alas!  How the October winds blow…   Rustling leaves, bringing frost and cold.  Turning the green.  A wanderer walking though frostily winds bite deep.  The sun sinks lower on the horizon…  The jack-o-lanterns begin to light!  Hallowe’en is close at hand.  Spirits cross the bridge between our worlds!  The wanderer is a small boy.  He wraps his threadbare cloak tighter around himself, digging his walking staff into the freezing ground.  His nose is red like the leaves.  His other hand clutching one, small, tin soldier.  Cold…  Colder…   This is how he felt as he cut a path through this old oaken forest.


Exactly 100 words!  :D


~ Mousepaw

The Story!

So here it is. I have adapted a few details to fit the story.


One day out of the blue a girl bid, “Adieu, adieu!”

to her friends and family, she moved!

to a village she thought predisposed

a house made perfectly arose.

On the scales of good and bad,

The house was perfect and the village, she thought, was just sad.

But as houses go is was an obvious decision.

Now to this you must listen.

She moved in and she was happy…

But she thought the town was sappy.

She was a witch of sorts, I think.

And she took care of herself with a quick wink.

Then she met Julie who was kind of a geek.

Julie was her neighbor of only one week.

They grew to be friends very, very closely.

Julie’s last name is T.M.  Kozely.

The very same last name as Sunrise!

Was it possible they were sisters?

Could they have grown up in each others lives?

Switched at birth? Could she be a changeling?

Is she living without aging?

They don’t know anything for sure.

But to jump to conclusions would be immature.

After awhile they found something out.

They knew exactly what it was about.

Could it be?

They were getting tested with biology.

The scientist came out and explained,

Their DNA was a match, Aha! they exclaimed.

Most people will agree,

A match is a match , Now do you see?

They still felt a little unsure.

About information, they needed more.

Were they getting their biology right?

They stayed up all night trying to see it in the light.

They  were sure they had misplaced a letter E.

Ah.  Maybe that was the missing key.

Then they drank lots of strong tea.

Drinking tea made them happy.

They were sure now, I believe.

And they were able to conceive,

They were cousins!

It would not be easy to disagree,

For the proof is on paper for all eyes to see.

After this,  Sunrise went for a walk in the trees,

And so got stung by angry bees.

She got better and now she’s happy,

And now the town does not seem sappy.

Sunrise and Julie stayed in the town.

They were happy so they wore gowns.

Shortly after, they went their separate ways.

Julie went on a trip for many days.

While Sunrise opened a little shop,

That sold some weird kinds of glop.

And then she met Don,

and had a little girl named Fawn.

Then they all lived happily ever after.

Under a roof made out of rafters.

I <3 Writing Poems!

Story Writing – Plot

This is basically it:

Once upon a time, there was a girl and she was a witch.  She used to live in a city, but now she lives in the country.  She hated living there at first. Then she and her friend solve a mystery and then she decides that the village isn’t such a bad place to live after all.



Story Writing – Main Character, Again!

I just thought I might clarify a few points for everyone.  Like In my first paragraph,

She is from New York and looks the opposite of the city”   I mean that instead of sharp features, Italy, Black hair,or something like that She has softer features and blonde hair. So she’s definitely not Italian.

Here’s an example of a typical New Yorker(I think):

Sharp Features, Defined jaw line, Ya know, New York.

Mom wants me to “include her opinions of herself, her age, her thoughts, her dreams, as well as what other people think of her.”

So here’s a basic summary.

She thinks of herself to be smart.  But sometimes she does things without thinking. As she is only 16 years old. Although I can’t include many thoughts of hers because I don’t want to give away any spoilers, I can include this because it’s not too spoilerey :  “I don’t know who I am anymore. I don’t understand. All these people, They must be stalking me.”

And she dreams to be the  top dog in the fashion industry, A designer by trade. Where she came from though people barely took notice of her, it was as if she were part of the background.  Here in Levenon though everyone likes her. And it’s kind of creeping her out…

Coming soon to your home library around you



Love ya!


Story Writing – The Main Character

Part 2 of me developing my story, the main character.

Character Development Tips Here: http://www.pgtc.com/~slmiller/characterdevelopment.htm

She is a girl and her name is Sunrise. She is from New York and looks the opposite of the city, And when she moves to the country she feels totally alienated by almost all the people there. I mean, She’s a girl from New York City moving into the little house on the prairie + Magic.

She is warm skinned and has strawberry blonde hair with fading pink streaks. She often looks younger than she is.  And that’s why she doesn’t get treated seriously, all the time. In fact that’s one of the things she doesn’t like about the people from where she was living before.

She can get to a point where she is ensnared in her own trap of self-destruction…  Of course her being a witch she uses magic to fix most of the little things. But she has to be very, very, careful.

Ahhhhhh. All Done.

Man, this is more fun than I thought.