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A little free verse inspired by the sudden sharp September winds.

In summer,
those blistering days…
Nothing seems further
Than a rainy day,
cold and wet.
When in fact, it’s truly
the closest thing.

~Mouse. ❤❤ (:


Who, What, and An Answer?

Who are you,

If you do not know?

What are you,

If you do not know?

Who are you,

If you do know?

What are you,

If you know?

The answer is simple,

Just five little words.

Should the answer to these questions be shared?


But knowing brings a great amount of power…

And responsibility…

You believe you can handle it?


I shall reveal the answer to What or Who you are, if you know or not.

Five little words, are you sure you can’t guess it?

It’s simple…

And so I’ll tell you.

You are…

Anything you want to be!