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This site is so cool!   It’s all accredited information, and can be cited on a paper.  Helped me more than once.


Check it out! You might learn something!

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Linked In #whatever: The Legend of Korra

The Legend of Korra!

:) Yay! It’s out! Click the link to watch. No kidding!


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Linked In :)

Today I’ll do links for girls.

1. Blue Jeans Online

Dedicated to empowering kids, teens and young women to create, produce, publish and promote their creative works.

2. Sparkles

An individual site for girls with tips on fashion, horoscopes and more

3.Girl Zone

Monthly webzine featuring chat rooms, cool articles by girls, advice, and contests.

Just Three Today.

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Linked In :)

Just Kidding!

How about this instead:





Link #1

Great 4 Preschoolers!



Link number 2!  Good for kids 3 and up.



“””the_ third_ link””



The amazing #4 ! almost any age



OK No more little kid links!


Number 5!

Parents: You might find more sites 4 your little( or not so little) ones here:


This site is soooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!







Linked In ;)

Hi, Here are some websites I have found for you.

  1. www.webkinz.com – Here you can have  your own online pet.  It’s the best online pet website I’ve seen yet, Even if you have to buy the pet at the store.
  2. www.webs.com – On this website you can make your own free business or pleasure website, or even blog!
  3. www.youtube.com – I  like this website because here you can listen to music, watch TV shows look at trailers of movies and much more.
  4.   www.clubpenguin.com – Here you can be a penguin living in the world of club penguin at the South Pole. It’s completely safe for kids of all ages and fun too.
  5.  www.ask.com – I love this website!  Here you can find the answer to almost any question you may have.

P.S.  If the links don’t work you may have to type in the URLs.