Linked In #whatever: The Legend of Korra

The Legend of Korra!

:) Yay! It’s out! Click the link to watch. No kidding!


~ Mousepaw


Linked In :)

Just Kidding!

How about this instead:





Link #1

Great 4 Preschoolers!


Link number 2!  Good for kids 3 and up.


“””the_ third_ link””


The amazing #4 ! almost any age


OK No more little kid links!


Number 5!

Parents: You might find more sites 4 your little( or not so little) ones here:

This site is soooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!







linked in #2!

Hi People!

Here`s some more links straight from me to you!






P.S. I know I`m bad about the whole webkinz thing.


Linked In ;)

Hi, Here are some websites I have found for you.

  1. – Here you can have  your own online pet.  It’s the best online pet website I’ve seen yet, Even if you have to buy the pet at the store.
  2. – On this website you can make your own free business or pleasure website, or even blog!
  3. – I  like this website because here you can listen to music, watch TV shows look at trailers of movies and much more.
  4. – Here you can be a penguin living in the world of club penguin at the South Pole. It’s completely safe for kids of all ages and fun too.
  5. – I love this website!  Here you can find the answer to almost any question you may have.

P.S.  If the links don’t work you may have to type in the URLs.