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A little free verse inspired by the sudden sharp September winds.

In summer,
those blistering days…
Nothing seems further
Than a rainy day,
cold and wet.
When in fact, it’s truly
the closest thing.

~Mouse. ❤❤ (:


Toxic Covered Beauty. Please Comment!

(A poem by Laura on figment.com)  http://figment.com/users/360202-Laura-

Feedback?  Please?  :3  We need feedback!

Toxic Covered Beauty

“We believe that we invent symbols. The truth is that they invent us; we are their creatures, shaped by their hard, defining edges.”
-Gene Wolfe

You’re a venomous rose
Toxic covered beauty
Thorns dripping with acid
Your poison flows
With continuity
You’re a deadly assassin
Awaiting a new victim
Drawing one in
With your fatal allure
Unaware of your system
The reason they flinch
Is because of your lethal grandeur
Your sickly sweet scent
Is a noxious fume
From vivid lackluster pedals
That are pleasurably abhorrent
Unsuspecting is your victim that you are their doom
That you are a malevolent devil
Your acidic barbs constrict with formidable might
In your captive’s veins the venom will seep
Soon they will lose the will to fight
Then you will notice they can no longer weep
For your toxic covered beauty
Has lured them to sleep


Again, please comment your reactions. 

Thanks so much for reading this.

~Mouse and Laura

Last Day

Dec. 20th – The last day of #thelinesproject.  :)











F Symbols

I found this new site!  It’s full to the brim with emoji, cool text, text art, and smileys.  :)


Check out their text generators!  :D




Ü ϡ ﭢ☮✌


Posting now out of habit…

(Can you recognise the British spelling?)

Alright guys.  I opened the internet today, and I went here.  To post.  Simply out of habit!  Seriously.  This is a bit ridiculous, but I feel the need to post.  Here, on “Mousepaw”.  Okay, I think my blog needs a name.  Just maybe.  Mousepaw is my name.  My blogger name.  This blog can’t also be called Mousepaw…  Can it?  I don’t know…  Perhaps it can…  Well, obviously it can, but will I continue letting this blog call itself by my name?!?

Okay,  That’s a bit dramatised.

Yeah, it is.

In other news, I am now officially a novelette!  :D  Well, not me, I’m still a human.  My book just made it past being a short story.  *bows*  Thank you, thank you.

This is all I have to share.  :)

Happy December!  :D






Hello.  ^_^

NaBloPoMo: Day 24


O. M. G.  There’s only 6 days of NaBloPoMo left!

This is going by fast. :)

I do have something to confess; I still have not watched the Day of The Doctor!  Too unwilling to let go of Matt Smith.

Also, there’s this song and I can’t remember what it is!!!

It goes like this:

“And I’m dying just to know your name,

’cause I need you here with me now,

Cause you’ve got that, one, thing!

So get out, get out,

Get out of my head,

And fall into my arms instead!

I don’t, I don’t know what it is…

But I need that one thing”

It’s been driving me crazy.

Anybody know what it’s called?  Anybody?




NaBloPoMo: Day 21

I’ve posted more this month so far than any other.  :P


Hello.  I don’t know why you’re here at my blog, but it’s truly lovely and I hope you enjoy it.  ^-^

Here are some haiku’s that I wrote:


Middle of the night,

Ha!  You see, I am this cat.

Running through the house.


Some flowers do bloom

On trees and stems alike.  Yes,

Hoping rain will come.


Try to sleep.  Ha, ha!

Creeping up behind you, here.

Now staring at you.


Look me in the eye,

This one glance will be your last

Slither, Basilisk.


Allons-y!  “Let’s go!”

A big blue box.  Really, sir?

I am the Doctor.


*Yay!* *Fandom!*  lol :)

Stay strong,