Posting now out of habit…

(Can you recognise the British spelling?)

Alright guys.  I opened the internet today, and I went here.  To post.  Simply out of habit!  Seriously.  This is a bit ridiculous, but I feel the need to post.  Here, on “Mousepaw”.  Okay, I think my blog needs a name.  Just maybe.  Mousepaw is my name.  My blogger name.  This blog can’t also be called Mousepaw…  Can it?  I don’t know…  Perhaps it can…  Well, obviously it can, but will I continue letting this blog call itself by my name?!?

Okay,  That’s a bit dramatised.

Yeah, it is.

In other news, I am now officially a novelette!  :D  Well, not me, I’m still a human.  My book just made it past being a short story.  *bows*  Thank you, thank you.

This is all I have to share.  :)

Happy December!  :D







Hello.  ^_^

NaBloPoMo: Day 24


O. M. G.  There’s only 6 days of NaBloPoMo left!

This is going by fast. :)

I do have something to confess; I still have not watched the Day of The Doctor!  Too unwilling to let go of Matt Smith.

Also, there’s this song and I can’t remember what it is!!!

It goes like this:

“And I’m dying just to know your name,

’cause I need you here with me now,

Cause you’ve got that, one, thing!

So get out, get out,

Get out of my head,

And fall into my arms instead!

I don’t, I don’t know what it is…

But I need that one thing”

It’s been driving me crazy.

Anybody know what it’s called?  Anybody?




NaBloPoMo: Day 21

I’ve posted more this month so far than any other.  :P


Hello.  I don’t know why you’re here at my blog, but it’s truly lovely and I hope you enjoy it.  ^-^

Here are some haiku’s that I wrote:


Middle of the night,

Ha!  You see, I am this cat.

Running through the house.


Some flowers do bloom

On trees and stems alike.  Yes,

Hoping rain will come.


Try to sleep.  Ha, ha!

Creeping up behind you, here.

Now staring at you.


Look me in the eye,

This one glance will be your last

Slither, Basilisk.


Allons-y!  “Let’s go!”

A big blue box.  Really, sir?

I am the Doctor.


*Yay!* *Fandom!*  lol :)

Stay strong,



NaBloPoMo:  Day 6


Hey!  YouTube spree today!  :)  Enjoy!


History!  Summary of Catherine the Great

Akon – Don’t Matter <3

Jason Aldean – Dirt Road Anthem


Philip Phillips – Home


Maroon 5 – One More Night


Ke$ha – Die Young

Last One…  Hall Of Fame – The Script ft.


・。*。✧・゜゜・。✧。*・゜゜・✧。・­­­­­­­­­­­­­゜゜・。*・。*。✧・゜。*。 ✧・゜­゜­・­。­✧­。­*­・゜゜・✧。・­­­­­­゜゜・。*­・。­*。­✧・­゜。­*。­✧・­゜゜・。✧。*・゜゜・ ✧­。・­­­­­­­­゜­゜・。­*・ 。­*。✧­・゜。 Music is amazing!  My favorite of these songs is either Ke$ha – Die Young or Hall Of Fame – The Script ft.  What’s yours?  :D Happy NaBloPoMo.  lol



2.6 or The Association

Yes.  I’m posting again.  I write everything on my blog myself, except for if it says not.  Here we go again!  Another story…  You won’t read it, but yeah.


I live in a world where there is no in between, no black and white. No grey area. Everyone must master perfection. Or else, be recycled. There are the model citizens, and the unwanted.  At the age of thirteen we are tested to see which category we fall into.  What happens to the unwanted? No one really knows. They are sent away by the leaders to be recycled. I am frightened. Up until this point everything has always premeditated. They have always known.  These are my people. Wait for me, I tell them. Wait for me.

Chapter 1 : Hazard

“Wake up!” I feel hands on my shoulders. I want desperately to slip back into the folds of sleep. Then some part of me remembers. Association day.  Could that already be today? Charlotte pulls back the covers. The air inside the house is freezing. The middle of January. I hate the cold weather. “If you don’t hurry up, you’ll be late!” Somehow, I feel, unexplainably, numb. “All right, all right. Be up in five minutes.” I say. “You better be.” She makes sure I’m out of bed, then leaves me to dress and prepare for the day. I wish it wasn’t today.  A shiver runs up my spine when I think of the D- I brought home two weeks ago. The teaching attendant said that when I took my association test, all of my grades for the past thirteen years would take a great part. As I dress in the expected, hair pinned back with bobby pins,  and slip the ruffled floor length dress over my head, I think of Charlotte’s association, only 2 years earlier. She had been scared, too. Like me.
“Rose?” I hear from the other room. “You haven’t forgotten about today, have you?” My father. He was a tailor, as placed on his 18th passage. ”No, Dad.” I call down the hall. As I open my door, I see him.  Suit and tie. He had even straightened his curly hair. This came as a little bit of a surprise, since he had not done that since, well, since before me. “You look good.” He says, and his eyes widen a little bit. “I don’t feel that way.” I say with a grimace. “I’ve never worn heels before.” He laughs. “ You’ll do great! I know you will.” I have to. My mother comes down the now crowded hallway, with my sister. “Darling, you look wonderful.” She says.
When we’re in the car, I lean toward Charlotte. “What will happen?“ I say. I hear they draw blood. “I’m scared.“ “Oh, it’s nothing to be worried about.” She says, with a small bit of annoyance flickering in her eyes, for this is not the first time I have asked. “They just call your name, prick your finger, ask you questions, and look at your present state of health.“ Charlotte looks unconcerned. “If you fit the bill, which I’m sure you do, they announce you a model citizen. Then they give you new clothes and undergarments,” She studies me for a moment, then looks away. ”and then you leave the stage.” She hesitates, and keeps her eyes fixed on the floorboards.  “I was sworn not to tell of the last part.” This appalls me. In that instant, my mind conjures up all of the horrible possibilities, then settles on a disturbingly distinct one.
My mother sighs. So she has been listening to our conversation. “Charlotte, Why must you over-complicate things?” What could she mean? ”I was only being truthful…” My sister trails off. ”What does she mean?” I say to my sister. She talks quick, and low, so that our mother and father cannot hear. “When they take you in the backroom, you read a list of rules, and you must abide by them. They are different for each person, and so are the punishments for breaking them. There are warnings, and other things. You cannot tell anyone what you see.” Her words hang in the air. Why, I wonder. Why?
When we get to the Eagle building, I feel the jitters coming back. Apparently so does my mother because she says “Don’t worry. We can go home soon.” A group of other girls my age are close by. Most are talking, laughing. But there are those few that have solemn faces, trembling just the slightest bit. My mother tells me to go to them, and I do. It is when I am there, however, when the noise dies down. We enter the auditorium where the passages and associations are done. As we stand with our group, whispered truths and lies make their way through the crowd. “They cut off limbs?” One girl asks another. “No, but they do implant a microchip.” What? That’s crazy. They just prick your finger.” “How do you know whats in that needle?! They aren’t allowed to tell us! ” “I heard it from a sympathetic Associator.” “I hear they take brain samples.” All of a sudden, a girl in a cricket green dress next to me starts to cough, and whimpers that she feels nauseated and cannot see clearly; Preassociational illnesses like this are never a good sign. Even though it’s against the rules to do this, I take my jacket from my bag, and wrap it around her. She stops shivering, and bends her knees to crouch in the space that we have. She looks up at me. “Thank you.” What she says next shocks me. “But I probably won’t be around here much longer.” “Don’t say that! Of course you will.” She stands up and hands me my jacket back. She still does not look well. “Goodbye, Roslia.” She moves away from me. How did she know my name? What was hers? This is just getting weirder by the second, I thought.
Interrupting my thoughts, I see a boy from the opposite side of the auditorium catch my eye. He does not look away. I am struck by his appearance, dark green eyes, short, spiked, black hair. He mouthes a word I can’t understand from this distance; It must be 40 feet across.  He must realize that I can’t understand him because he looks down and swears. What is he doing? We aren’t allowed to talk until after our association. Should I call him out on it? That was normal producure. He looks at me again, and puts a finger to his lips, a motion for me to be quiet.
Up on stage, they start the speech. “To this day, our fathers, and forefathers have gone through the processes of passage and association,  for a purity of society.  It is so important and crucial not to overpopulate, especially with those unfit.  We already have limited resources.  Our ancestors took so much from this planet…“ They go through the rest, although my mind is somewhere else. Who was that girl? That boy? How did she know my name? What did he say? A million more thoughts at once run through my head, but they stop when I realize the speech has ended.



So today I was walking around aimlessly, trying to figure out what to post about, and that’s when I realized: I’ve never shared my Myers-Briggs personality type with you people.  For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, here:  (For those who already have a firm grip of the topic, skip this paragraph)  It’s a simple personality quiz developed by (Guess who!)  Myers and Briggs.  Probably more people, but for some reason if there were more people who helped make and research for the quiz, they didn’t show up on the radar.  Anyway, there are lots of different personality type categories.  Mine is ENFJ/INFP.  This jumbled bunch of letters means…

Extroverted (Slightly over Introverted)



Judging (Sometimes Percieving)


That’s what it means for me.  Yours is most probably different from mine.  Why not post it in the comments? :D

Of course, if you haven’t taken the test yet, you’ll probably want to. :P  Here:

:D  Have a most sunshiney day!





Happy Halloween! Omg, Tomorrow’s Actually The First Day Of NaBloPoMo

As incredibly long titles go, this is a very true one.  November!  The leaves have already started to say goodbye to their trees, blowing away on the frosty October winds…  The birds fly south, away from the coming cold.  Forever in a circle of time.  This day, spirits walk the Earth.  Both dark and light.  Monsters and angels.  Fairies dance around old oak trees, singing a song of ages.  Pixies devilishly laugh and continue their trickery.  A human child walks from door to next door, threatening and receiving sweet morsels.  Chocolate, raspberry, lime, and cherry, among others.  Jack O’ Lantern smiling up and grimacing down.  But the question now is how do you know which are children and which are spirits?  Truly, you don’t.




Happy Hallowe’en.




FYI if you’re a teenage girl from Given Breath

FYI (if you’re a teenage girl) from Given Breath.

Check out this post!  It’s an open letter to teenage girls.  It’s pretty neat, and self explanatory.  lol  So go read it!



New Theme!  Like it? :D 

The Middle

I walked briskly through the night.  All my expectations had been dashed.  The stillness of the air around me highlighted the pounding of my heart.  I could feel the tears staining my cheeks.  My hair still pulled back, unabashedly showing my face.  If anything came too close to me, I would kill it. I was almost wishing some unfortunate being would cross my path, here in the moonlight of this darkened wood.  Cutting my thoughts short, I heard a sickening crunch beside me.  I whipped around, perhaps I’d get my wish.  A lean, grey, she-wolf stood there, watching me walk closer.  Judging by her size, I could take her down.    The wolf looked surprised in the few moments before I had her leg in my grip.  She turned angrily, knocking me on my back.  I screamed and she took a hit to the nose.  She bit me again.   Why did this miserable animal exist?  Minutes later, the wolf had her jaws around my face.  If I moved, she would kill me.  All my muscles tensed, I didn’t dare gasp for breath.  I felt her teeth biting down on me harder.  I was bleeding.  Instinct kicked in, and I used all of my strength to rip away from her.  Various spots on my face exploded with pain.  I got to my feet, all aspects of the earlier catastrophe forgotten.  The wolf, instead of lunging, turned and ran into the darkness.  I just looked down at the piling leaves upon the ground.  I fell to my knees with the memories that were flooding back.  The dinner.  All those people.  The complete sureness radiating from my parents and I.  The lights dimming.  The card-reading woman speaking.  We knew what it was supposed to be, of course.  We’d written it ourselves!  I remember laughing at the thought.  Thinking they were so stupid.  That we could re-write it and not even have them notice.  But when the card-reading woman opened the envelope determining who would continue the reign, my parents or a different successor, it wasn’t like they’d written.  We’d lost the throne.  Papa broke his glass when she read the name from the card.  All of a sudden, we were nothing.  The guards came in.  ”Escorts” they said, “Nothing to worry about,” they said.  I just ran.  I wonder what they’re saying now!  Now, when they can no longer blackmail the card-writers…  A dark thought came into my head.  One probably true.  The card-writers have undoubtedly let out how we’ve been in reign for so long.  Revenge is theirs.  I crumple into a ball.   I realize I’ve started to cry gentle tears.  I wipe them from my face and stand.  I can’t go back, I think.  Besides, I’m lost.  Lost in the woods.  Like in the old stories.  One in particular settles in my mind.  An heiress, lost far away in a thick forest.  She’s then trapped in a tower, where she falls to sleep and shall never awaken…  I don’t remember how the rest goes, but it doesn’t matter.  I am not an heiress anymore…..  I can’t go back, they’ll execute me.  I’m guilty by association…

The realization dawns.  I have to run.

And so I do.  I am very grateful for the fact I did not choose a dress to wear for the dinner as I tear through the trees away from the palace.  East.  Hours later, my muscles tired and sore, I can see the light beginning to come back.  Again, the snatches of overheard stories running through my head.  They say if you run East long enough, you’ll reach the Glowing Mountain of the Gods.  Do I believe the stories?  I can’t decide.  The Glowing Mountain is undeniably real.  You can see it in the sky as it passes over each day.  But to run long enough to catch it?


I know it’s a cliffhanger…

But hey, what do you think happens next?  Where does she go?  What happens?  …Could she ever reach the Glowing Mountain?

Tell me what you think?  Please?

~ Mousepaw:)