Character Development: Derek

What he throws away:

lyrics on crumpled paper, thoughts, flyers for events he’s gone to already, abstract concepts, his own internal crazy things that weren’t quite up to par, lists.

A paragraph(ish) hopefully in Derek’s voice:

“…After the movie, we went to this place called Joe’s pizza.  Just a couple other places after that.  It was great to see him.  You really should write something.  Besides, all my work stinks anyway.  Ha.

Another few sentences:  (really in Derek’s voice this time)

“Work stinks anyway.  Since you’re free, why don’t ya come over?  I’d tell you all ’bout that trip to Six Flags if you want.”



I run through the newly fallen snow.

My heart beats heavy in my chest.

I hear a loud thump.  Freeze.  Don’t even breathe.

The cold air is sharp in my lungs.

The forest is still.

I take a risk.  Move.  Turn my head.

It was only the snow from the branches of a tree.

Run.  Faster.  Exhaustion soon.

Lights in the distance.  Village.

I’m not going to be caught.  Turn.

Begin to run.  Wait.

I left it there.

I run back.  Move snow.  Eventually, move dirt.

Dig…  Quickly.  I hear them.

Silently making their ways through.

I am the Wolf.


Today is the first snow.  I was compelled to write.



The last day of NaBloPoMo!


In my blog, there were 42 posts this month.  :D

I wrote almost 4000 words in my novel.  :)

It’s a pretty big feat for me…  Though others have accomplished even more this month.  :)

In addition to being NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) it was also NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).  Really, I think November should just be “NaWriMo”, National Writing Month.

Anywho, to celebrate the end of NaBloPoMo, here’s a song.  :)

Thanks for writing.  Thanks for reading!

And Happy December.  :)



NaBloPoMo: Day 25

Hello my people! :D


I am writing a book, as you may or may not know, and it’s hard for some to keep track of what their story really is…  A Novelette?  A Novella?  Simply a short story?  An actual Novel?  Well guess no more!  Here, all you need is Word Count.  :)  I found this one day on pinterest and I had to share this with you.





=3  Hope this helps all of my fellow writers out there!


Ok, ok… & NaBloPoMo

I know I haven’t been posting actual words lately.  Scroll down and you’ll find a bunch of pictures of t shirts & stuff.  XD  So yeah.  Anyways, I wanted to get my butt off the ground and start actually posting again.  I’m going to do NaBloPoMo.  Check out what the heck I’m talking about here:

If you’re too lazy to go read the link, (as I know so many of you are, admit it!) that’s fine.  I’ll just explain.  lol


NaBloPoMo is National Blog Posting Month, a month-long writing exercise that occurs each November.  You should expect at least one post per day for the entire November.  It started in 2006.   NaBloPoMo has grown steadily in popularity. Hundreds of participants entered in the first NaBloPoMo, and every year the numbers seem to increase.


So…  Yeah!  :D  I hope that you guys & gals that read my blog will come and comment and say  what you like/dislike and all that good stuff!  :)

I’m off to come up with new ideas for NaBloPoMo!

:D <3 ~ Mousepaw

The First Chapter To A Story In Which Amazing And Unexpected Things Happen.


Tatiana (As a newborn, crawled out of the jungle. Adopted by the whole community.)


Xavier (About 14)


King Iso (Ruled as long as anybody can remember.)


Saha (Healer.)


Raul (pronounced Ra U l)



1: the first chapter in a story in which amazing and unexpected things happen.


Xavier took the knife boldly in one hand as he mutely cut the first stroke. His thoughts consisted of this: At some point, this will be a fish-looking thing, maybe… This blasted wood is impenetrable! The knife obviously wasn’t cutting. “I have gotten a piece of steel, sharpened it, twice, and fitted it a handle, and for what? I can’t believe I did all that in vain! I mustassert myself over this stupid chunk of wood.” He grumbled to himself. “Whatcha doing?” A voice behind him questioned. Xavier turned to see Tatiana sitting on a tree stump, looking at him utterly un-oppressively.Trying to carve a fish out of an inexplicably hard wood, with an extremely dull knife. You?” He replied. “Watching a boy try to make a piece of a very old oak look something like a fish, while he tries to carve it with the wrong side of a knife that is the wrong shape and metal for the wood.” She cast a glance at him out of the corner of her eye. A sarcastic smile played on his lips. “Ok, fine then. Got something better?” She raised her eyebrows furtively. “Surely you know me, don’t you?” She took a gorgeous blade out of her leather satchel. “Give me that,” She said. The knife slid through the wood, crafting a perfect ridge with hardly any effort. “Geez,” Xavier said, “I’d ask how you knew all that, but I know you wouldn’t tell me.” She laughed, and said, “Don’t be so hard on yourself, I’m an amazing oddity, that’s how I learned.” Then, without warning, Tatiana’s eyes went wide. She screamed. Then, dropping the knife, ran. “Crazy girl.” Xavier said, and went back to his newly evaluated carving. Clouds showed an impending storm, he noted. He finished carving the wood quickly with Tatiana’s knife. Xavier turned to head back.

He saw it, but never heard it. Something not quite human.

Yes, he tried to run.


Thought of his family.


Cries for help.

Cut short.



So… Yeah! :D  I’ll post more of my story later.


~Mousepaw  ;)

Diamante Poem

I wrote this poem in Diamante style. A Diamante poem is in the shape of a diamond, hence the title.


Alike, Diverse

Amazes, Wishes, Breaks

A wide or narrow window, to many real imaginations.

Imagines, Wishes, Wanders

Famous, Imperfect


Thanks for looking ~ Mousepaw