Well, progress on my novel isn’t going as hoped…
I’m nowhere near my word goal.  Too many paper cranes and not enough keyboard taps, I guess.
However, I shan’t give up!!  Looks like this is going to be a two month NaNoWriMo.  Wish me luck.

At least now I have exactly what’s going to happen in the story in my head.

Eeek I hope I can do this.



Oui, today has been too long of a day…
I haven’t practiced my French.  Quel dommage…
Nor have I written anything in my novel… Erk…
My ability to have a lively conversation is grinding to a painful halt.
I have a headache.
Sound and light are weirdly abrasive.
Nothing smells right.
My guitar is leaning against the wall, looking at me sadly.
The string of lights that I got for xmas stopped working again.

Although, food makes almost everything better somehow. 
Yeah that’s supposed to be not good or whatever but


And so now my headache is sort of gone.

Life is better.

Sorry to stampede my way into your WordPress News Feed.  Lol

~Mouse <3

Apparently my brain thinks that the best possible way to write a novel in a month is to listen to Nickelback at top volume and play Flappy Bird.

This will be a long NaNoWriMo..,

…Are you daring to underestimate me? Watch me prove you wrong.


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