A little story fragment.

Clarey Kensington, a bright seventeen year old girl from Minnesota, stood on the front porch of the so-called Tennessee Timberwell Boarding  School.  She held her hand to her eyes as a shade from the sun, and looked up at the strange decor that stood vigil above the entrance.  A welded iron circle here, a trident there.

Her Lexus CT was parked crookedly on the dirt driveway.  She should have gotten gas fifteen miles ago, when she saw her tank was low.  Now she was trapped, unless she could find some way to get fuel.  Hers appeared to be the only car at the residence.

“Is this where I’m supposed to be?”  She frowned in confusion, but knocked on the door.  It was a small wooden house, and the only indication that this was the right place was a rusted sign that hung on a long stake by the road.  The place reminded her of ashes from a campfire. Her frown turned to a polite smile as an old woman opened the dark wooden door.  The old woman peered at her with dark brown eyes.

“Little lovely, what’s your name?”  She said, and spoke to someone in the house:  “Harold, a girl is here!”  Her voice was the color of warm brass and thick with accent.

“I’m, uh, Clarey,” the northern girl managed. “Is this Timberwell?”

“Sure is.  Oh honey, it’s swelterin’ out there.  Won’t you come in?” The woman asked.

Clarey accepted and followed to the kitchen, where she sat down on one of two metal chairs in the same fashion as the decor outside.  “What’s your name, miss?”  She inquired.

The old woman laughed and said, “It’s been a while since anyone’s called me that, but I like it.  You can call me Miss Maisie.”

Maisie…  The name was nice, like a wheat field in September.


Character Development: Derek

What he throws away:

lyrics on crumpled paper, thoughts, flyers for events he’s gone to already, abstract concepts, his own internal crazy things that weren’t quite up to par, lists.

A paragraph(ish) hopefully in Derek’s voice:

“…After the movie, we went to this place called Joe’s pizza.  Just a couple other places after that.  It was great to see him.  You really should write something.  Besides, all my work stinks anyway.  Ha.

Another few sentences:  (really in Derek’s voice this time)

“Work stinks anyway.  Since you’re free, why don’t ya come over?  I’d tell you all ’bout that trip to Six Flags if you want.”

French Révolution: Poetry

(Henry Singleton) Storming of the Bastille

Carpe diem!  Today, we strike!

Cheers fill the streets so violently

as a smile fills my bloodstained face.


Waving the flag around

rush through the air as we

storm the tower

and reclaim what is ours.

Peace! Finality! Bread!

Storm the tower,

no wound too strong,

keep fighting!


Fight for your freedom,


Dying around me,

bodies fill the streets and blood rushes through the



Freed from poverty and famine!

Storm the Bastille,

and start to rid us of that bane that is

the royalty!


those three estates!

And let the blood that flows in the gutter

be no longer of the sans-culottes,

but of those who have wronged and

controlled us for too long!







Five songs to make you happy

An awesome post! :D

Creative Dreamers

If has been well documented that music can effect the way people think and feel. With that in mind, I know that from time to time, we can all use a little pick me up. These five songs are a few of the many that do the trick for me, maybe they’ll be good for you as well.

Taylor Swift “22”

Skye Sweetnam “(Let’s Get Movin) Into Action”

Michael Franti & Spearhead “Say Hey (I Love You)”

Jessie J – “Domino”

Coblie Caillat “Brighter than the Sun”

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Merry Christmas!

:D  Happy holidays from me, my brother, my puppies, and the cat.





I made this simple origami dragon with Shinyorigami’s tutorial on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rCwwbqwTS4

It’s a little complicated, and I muttered “Wait, what?” at least fifteen times during the video. Lol

But yeah! Not so bad if I say so myself. *bows* You can check it out if you want. :)


Hello Darling

Hello Darling

Red swing dress

Nars cosmetic

Wall art
$49 – coggles.com


Green, Cherry, and Black,tea

I’ve had a tea attack!






I run through the newly fallen snow.

My heart beats heavy in my chest.

I hear a loud thump.  Freeze.  Don’t even breathe.

The cold air is sharp in my lungs.

The forest is still.

I take a risk.  Move.  Turn my head.

It was only the snow from the branches of a tree.

Run.  Faster.  Exhaustion soon.

Lights in the distance.  Village.

I’m not going to be caught.  Turn.

Begin to run.  Wait.

I left it there.

I run back.  Move snow.  Eventually, move dirt.

Dig…  Quickly.  I hear them.

Silently making their ways through.

I am the Wolf.


Today is the first snow.  I was compelled to write.


The Love Pill: Future Brave New Drug of the Masses?

Just… THIS! :O I just finished reading Brave New World. And… This… Oh my god! Just read it. Reblog? :D


By Tai Carmen

“The warm, the richly colored, the infinitely friendly world of soma-holiday. How kind, how good-looking, how delightfully amusing every one was! […] Swallowing half an hour before closing time, that second dose of soma had raised a quite impenetrable wall between the actual universe and their minds.”

~ Aldous Huxley,Brave New World

You may soon be able to get a prescription for falling in love.

A team of Oxford researchers are working on a pill to recreate the feeling of being in the honeymoon stage. They aim to accomplish this by combining pheromones, testosterone (to up sex drive,) Oxytocin and Vasopressin — naturally occurring “bonding chemicals” produced by the body at the early stages of a relationship — CRH (a hormone that induces the fear of separation) and Entactogens, a “feel good” drug similar to MDMA.

There you have it folks, the recipe for love: one…

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