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Collection Of Thoughts

Well, #thelinesproject started today.  One Line In Sharpie!  It ends on the 20th, on which we will have a total of 6 lines drawn.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA  Yup.  I wrote a little bit of lyricism last night for The Lines Project, self harm awareness, and just in general.  Sorry it’s emo……

Press the blade to my skin/ Already sliced/ It’s so thin/ I slide it along, feeling cold like ice/ Red rushes to greet me/ It’s bloody bathwater/ Blood is what anyone sees/ Yes, I’m someone’s daughter/ Sister and friend/ But so many want me gone/ For life to end/ I admit, they’ve won/


Why?/ Past yelling, I tried./ Lying here on the floor/ I kicked down my own doors/ I’m seeing in flashes/ Oh, ashes and ashes/ Burned it down/ Leave me alone/


Reaching for the blade/ These voices in my head/ Pure Hate/ Weighing me down like lead/ Cut, cut them away/ My demons/ They haunt me this way/ Doesn’t matter the season/ Quick, don’t even blink!/ Living hell/ I’ll overthink./


Other than that, I’ve been taking lots of pictures lately. :P














































This is all…  :3











I run through the newly fallen snow.

My heart beats heavy in my chest.

I hear a loud thump.  Freeze.  Don’t even breathe.

The cold air is sharp in my lungs.

The forest is still.

I take a risk.  Move.  Turn my head.

It was only the snow from the branches of a tree.

Run.  Faster.  Exhaustion soon.

Lights in the distance.  Village.

I’m not going to be caught.  Turn.

Begin to run.  Wait.

I left it there.

I run back.  Move snow.  Eventually, move dirt.

Dig…  Quickly.  I hear them.

Silently making their ways through.

I am the Wolf.


Today is the first snow.  I was compelled by it to write.



NaBloPoMo: Day 19


Hey!  I just built a doghouse out of doors with my brother ( and my mom ( :)

I wonder if either of them will post about it.  lol

Basically, though, it is three doors.  Both sides and the roof.  It doesn’t have a bottom yet, but you could add one if you want.  Then waterproof it and close off one side with boards.  You could decorate it, I suppose.  :)


That’s all. :)



Hey y’all.  :D

Just wanted to show off my brother’s new puppy…  And my photography skills! lol

Anyway, here she is. <3 Pudge <3

That’s all. :P


A later note:  My brother also posted on the topic! :D  He’s a bit new at blogging.  I’m sure he’d appreciate any feedback you have.

Take the Pledge and Win!

Take the Pledge and Win!.

Puppy mills are so horrible.. Read this blog post and take the pledge!


Dogs : A True Essay, Follow Up

The Dogs are healthy, happy, and have a very good home.  They were sick when Mousepaw & Fish when first brought them home, but they are all better now! Anastasia and Copper (the brown boy dog) now have a home where they will be happy, and cared for 24/7.  :)

Anastasia : After


Copper : After



And So They Lived Happily Ever After.


~ The End ~


 ~  Mousepaw

Dogs : A True Essay

Once upon a time, there was a family.  The family consisted of 1 mom, 1 dad,  1 son, 1 daughter, 9 chickens, and 3 dogs (Vida, Panda, and Sampson), and 1 cat.  One day the son and daughter, whom I will call Fish and Mousepaw, found two poor little skin and bones stray dogs, a girl and a boy.  They were a week, tops, from the end.  Fish and Mousepaw fed the dogs, oh so carefully, dog food and cream cheese.

The next day, Mousepaw woke up, and the brown boy dog had been adopted by the neighbors!  Now that one dog had a home, there was just the black and white girl dog (Who bore an uncanny resemblance to Panda, by the way.) that was stray.

The family took her in and gave her food and water and love and shelter in the doghouse.  The black and white girl dog (who had been inexplicably named Anastasia) was still scary thin, but she had been getting better…  Anastasia had been eating a lot of dog food. The dad and mom wanted to find her a new home. Mousepaw and Fish felt that Anastasia was not healthy enough to rehomed.

But at how much that black and white dog was eating, it was expensive to keep her.  Mousepaw found out that she could put a PayPal button on her blog, and if people wanted to, they could click on it to donate to help!

The bottom line: It was expensive, but the dog was very sick.

These are pictures of Anastasia:

She really is the most darling puppy.

~ Mousepaw